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My petition worked!


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Ok so probably wasn't my thread that changed it


It was a petition to move gang attacks from air fields so you could get in a helicopter without being shot





Some guys were arguing saying 'oh it's a challenge it's supposed to be like that you're stealing their planes'


Well you were wrong and I was right and they changed it


Thank you rockstar

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Yeah it's confirmed, GTA Online is for kids, Rockstar listen kids, GTA Online must to be "easy" for kids, and GTA V/Online continue to become a no-GTA game..... nice.....

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Not on LG tho.. (Not sure)

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Lots of people have been demanding that for a long time you changed nothing.

Joseph it was a lighthearted joke and I even said that it probably wasn't me you humourless moronic miserable little troll fag

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or, enough people from other parts of the playerbase simply got pissed off enough at whichever dumbf*ck was in charge of these events for having sh*ttily placed gang attacks on the map.



so tired of not being able to get my jet without nearly dying because some idiot thought it'd be a great idea to put a gang attack right above a plane landing area...

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people have been complaining about that since very early in gtao but without doubt it was your petition the drop the spilled the glass!



i liked your comment so i could dislike it!

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I said it probably wasn't me this was supposed to be a joke


It was a popular debated thread however


Miserable c*nts

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Miserable c*nts


If you're gonna be like that you can keep your pseudo-boastful thread to yourself.


And stop posting whinging spam topics you big baby.



Edited by ~Tiger~
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