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ps3 graphics problem - lag or freezes


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i dont understand why this has been happening alot lately in the past few days. literally every mission would have a moment where the picture freezes and then its either ok after that or it freezes, and the sound either loops or the radio just keeps on playing. also i noticed that it takes some time for the picture detail to appear, e.g. when looking out theres supposed to be a building in front but instead get the mountains at the far back and then things just pop in. road detail is another. this happens alot of the time whilst driving. i think its a graphics problem, like it cannot keep up or something.


i did a database rebuild on my ps3 and the problem still persists. what else can i try because i have to resort to switching off the ps3, while frozen, during play in gta online, and i hate doing that because i either lose rp points or my stats gets so messed up that it can harm my chances in getting trophies etc.



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This B.S. has been happening for some time now, which is why I have a PS4 getting shipped in from Newegg as we speak. I mean between the freezes, texture/graphical issue, modders, loss of updates, laggy as all hell, It has become unplayable. It's time to make the switch if you can, I got the 'Last of us Bundle' with a cooling fan and 3 months of PS Plus, all for under $400.

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ok, the game is quickly becoming unplayable now.


the freezes happen alot of the time whilst driving. i drive for a short while and then theres a freeze of about 5 seconds. a few minutes later it freezes again but then it either freezes for 5 seconds again or stays frozen.


this has happened to me whilst playing missions and heists. i had to force a switchoff whilst frozen playing online.


tried rebuilding db and restoring file data (ops 4 and 3), no luck. what else can i try?

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Have you tried clearing the game cache? Hold L1 + R1 when starting the game until you see a prompt asking you to adjust brightness, then when you go back online you will have to re-accept R* agreement.


Keep in mind you will have to reset you control settings such as aim sensitivity, zoom while aiming, etc.


This game is and has been broken for some time on PS3/360, best of luck.

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I had a friend with the same issue and the bluray laser quit working a week later... Disc was in perfect condition.

Work on those 2 trophys, you never know how much time is left

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