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Wheel selection for car optimization.


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So yesterday/today I swapped all the wheels out on my racing vehicles from offroad to tuner, more out of aesthetic concern than anything. I had heard people make mention that X wheel time does and does not effect performance, I also know that Offroad wheels help absorb bumps and are generally the prefered tire type.


Now the funny thing is this. For most of the cars, I don't really notice much if any difference. For some I notice a slight/moderate difference in the positive as compared to previously having them with Offroad tires. And for fewer still, I noticed a similar change in the negative.


Now, I'd like to go about testing this, I just have no clue what the time frame for doing it will be. I'm not going to hack some money and buy/sell 7 additional clones of my racing cars to test each wheel time without having to leave a solo race lobby. So it's gonna take a bit. But I've started to get a sense for a couple things, or so I think; I'm sure it will change as I test out said theory. I'll give a couple example cars and the differences I've felt, which will be primarily from the Sports class.


#1. The Elegy seems to be even stiffer in the corners than before. I've always felt this way about the car, so I'm a little cautious to simply blame the wheel change. But I really think it causes it to understeer slightly more. Testing will have to bear this one out. I did a quick run about in Muscle wheels, which 'supposedly' have less grip, although it doesn't feel a whole lot different than what I was used to. Although I did a couple brief drifts that seemed to be fairly smooth, any significant handbraking resulted in a wipe out. I should add I suck at drifting in GTA.


#2. The Jester (Racecar varient) is the one that seems to have stuck out the most to me. I generally prefer this car for Sports class races, with the exception of tracks with lots of straight aways, where I pick my Massacro (Racecar varient as well). When I did the swap to Tuner wheels, the Jester seemed to really handle much better. It didn't oversteer as much and wipe out as easily. I ran one of my favorite tracks, Hit the Apex (~9.5km overall length), and shaved several seconds off my previous best times with any Sports class car. I then did a race on Cutting Coroners, the normal R* version, and managed a 0:55+change (on PC it landed 170th global rank, between a T20 and an Akuma). Which is faster than I think I've ever managed to get around that track. The Jester seems to respond in a much more positive manner overall thru both races. And I even banged a wall on Hit the Apex, although I immediately recovered without loosing much momentum. The change in driving characteristics with the Jester is probably my primary reason for wanting to see what you guys think and test it out on my racing stock and update this thread with those results.


#3. The Dominator is a car I loathe while at the same time, want to be good at driving. I'd like to think I'm better than the average PC player @ racing, but I am certainly no professional. The Muscle cars class is one of my weakest, and the Dominator is a car I just have a lot of trouble controlling without wiping out repeatedly. Changing to Tuner wheels seems to have put it a tad more in control, although I did a few races and still fishtailed quite a bit, it was less than I am accustomed to, and generally I got it back under control.


What I am left thinking is that the benefits of X wheel type on any particular car, only seem to stick out when it's a weak area. I don't think it'd cause any shift in the "offical" rankings of fastest cars in each class, or have a significant enough performance difference to make any wheel choice obsolete. I have to chalk some of the improvement in lap times to me continuing to play the game, but I also stopped playing GTAV for about a month while I was in the process of moving.


My plan is to do a playlist of 10 races with a particular car, and try it with each wheel type. That's gonna take a long time to do with one car, let alone several. However, I'm sure that if there is an actual difference in performance between wheel types I'll be able to pick up on that difference, and go forward with that.


My race car selection.













Sports Classics

-Stirling GT












-Gang Burrito





If you guys have any input on the matter, I'd love to hear it.

Edited by CarpenterBrut
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This has been discussed countless times, it makes so little difference that there is no point with bothering about it, and it definitely isn't going to help you in any actual races because you'll get rammed off the road within the first 10 seconds by someone in a pink and chrome Zentorno or the T20, I don't know what's cool with the kids these days.


Besides everyone just sticks lowrider wheels with whitewalls on everything anyway.

Edited by Daequil
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Someone'll be along shortly to post the same tiresome videos to tell us all that "pro" racers need offroad tires for that extra .001 of a second.


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Yeah... I can certainly see that offroad tires help... but the difference is so negligible that it's not even worth considering ​unless you're some kind of obsessively pro racer.

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The only reason offroad tires are amazing is because the thicker tread makes it bump up curbs better and take bumps in roads a little easier. Broughy proved this quite a while ago. So while it doesn't make your laps faster, it makes it easier to stay in control.

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1. Never use whitewall tires.


2. Never use Offroad tires on Supers.


3. I prefer the Hydra tires.

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