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Who do you support?


Recommended Posts

Rocket man FI


Team:Argentina,FC Barcelona

Any other Information:Argentina players are bit good than Brazilians,since i am 9 years old,I always support Argentina.FC Barcelona players also better than Real Madrid.




Any other information:Not too much but they also both play good.

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[table][tr][th] a [/th]

Sport [th] Team / Person / Organization [/th][th] Any other informaiton [/th][/tr]


[td] - [/td]

[td] football [/td]

[td] liverpool [/td]

[td] you might get depression if you support us [/td]

[td] - [/td]

[td] f1 [/td]

[td] ferrari [/td]

[td] [/td]


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Football - Liverpool and England

Edited by Fezza1999
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NHL: Vancouver Canucks

WHL: Vancouver Giants

MLB: San Francisco Giants

NFL: New England Patriots(this was before Brady, honest!)

CFB: Florida Gators

NBA: Washington Bullets Wizards

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NFL: Minnesota Vikings

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers

MLB: Minnesota Twins

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks

CFB: Georgia Bulldogs

CBB: North Carolina Tar Heels

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Italy: Juventus FC (Serie A), Novara and Pro Vercelli (Serie B), Alessandria (Serie C) and Italian National Team

England: Wolverhampton Wanderers (Premier League)

Germany: Schalke 04 (Bundesliga)

Iceland: Icelandic National Team


Formula 1

Scuderia Ferrari (both pilots)

Alfa Sauber F1 Team (Leclerc)


Moto GP

Yamaha (both pilots)

Ducati (both pilots)



All Italian players

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Chemist Sports Team/Person/Organization Any other information - FootballA.C. Milani has Italian roots and began to watch and appreciate how a couple of Italian groups play, and A.C. Milan is by a long shot my top pick. Extraordinary players all around. - FootballNew York City F.CGreat group from my region, unquestionably one of my top choices ever. Incorporates awesome players, for example, Best Elbow Braces , Pirlo, David Villa, Lampard, and Harrison. - MLBNew York MetsI've been watching them for a bit of late and they've been doing really well for as far back a couple of years or somewhere in the vicinity. Awesome group with heaps of exertion in from players. - MLBNew York YankeesThey've dependably been my top pick, however, they're losing that notorious sense/feeling. Such a large number of notorious players from this group, so much potential. I trust they keep on developing.

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I never posted it so I'll do so today.  I have roots in Pennsylvania on both sides of the state, so I enjoy most PA teams.  I also have some other affiliations that I enjoy from past experience drawing me to those teams for various reasons.

Pro Sports
Baseball - Phillies, Pirates, A's, Red Sox

Football - Eagles, Steelers
Basketball - 76ers
Hockey - Flyers, Kings
Soccer - Union (MLS)
Racing - Stewart-Haas Racing (formerly just a JGR follower because of Tony Stewart...been following him since his IRL days), Lewis Hamilton, McLaren F1 Team (loved it when Hamilton belonged to this team)

College Sports
Football - Penn State, Notre Dame, Villanova, Navy
Basketball - Penn State, Villanova

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Overall Favorite Club: FC Barcelona

Favorite English Club: Liverpool FC

Favorite National Team: Brazil



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Algonquin Assassin

I mostly follow motorsport so...


Supercars (Aussie)


Holden teams




Daniel Ricciardo




Valentino Rossi



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Football: Atletico Madrid (sorry Len, as I have noticed on Twitter Liverpool fans have a trauma with our team because of the UCL fixture last year😂😂)

That´s my all life team but I like Inter Milan in Italy and Borussia Dortmund in Germany, and from England teams I like Liverpool FC, mostly because of Fernando Torres because he is an Atletico legend too, he basically debuted and grew here

Edited by rml_gta
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