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MTAC Gaming for GTA Online PS4


Recommended Posts

MTAC Gaming is a competitive clan based in GTA Online for the PlayStation 4.


MTAC is looking for players who can work as a team, communicate with each other and most of all have fun!

You can find more about the clan on the website (currently in development)


MTAC Gaming will also be taking full advantage of the R* Video Editor and creating many trailers, videos and episodes once the projects are finalised as well as a debut clan trailer.


As of right now MTAC is accepting all skill levels and player styles, but once things kick in the limitations or requirements may be raised based on the current members.


Interested or have any questions? contact one of the Team Leaders for assistance or post your comments below, we will be more than willing to answer them.

(Due to commitments and work a lot of MTAC Gaming is unavailable until the evening around 6pm BST but most will always be online after this time.)


sc-logo2_zpsyrsls8vn.png - Rockstar Social Club


REMEMBER - MTAC Gaming is currently on the PlayStation 4 ONLY

Member ​ages vary but we ask for all Members to have the maturity and respect of others around them, currently the ranges are from 17-22.

Timezones vary but most Members are from the UK / EU regions, that does not mean we wont accept requests from our friends over the water in the US and beyond.​

Please note that MTAC Gaming is NOT a roleplaying clan despite the uniforms and vehicles used, instead it is a highly competitive and progression clan competing in TDM and other Game Modes online as well as having fun in Free Mode whilst making high quality community videos and projects.

(The image below is an email attachment and being worked on to get resized, sorry about that)



Edited by natsamson
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