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Who called the police?


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I was robbing a petrol station, he was getting the cash for me, as soon as I ran out there were three police cars outside and loads of coppers waiting for me. I made sure there weren't any customers in the shop s who called them? Did he hit an alar or a customer outside saw through the window? It's happened a couple of times but not always.




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American Viking

Who the hell knows with that game. Cops seem to have a magical crystal ball that allows them to know your every move. Maybe an animal called the cops..I'm not kidding.

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Maybe, he clicked a button or something... Yeah, this does not make any sense.

Edited by wojtek7
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I'm fairly sure that happens if you rob the same store several consecutive times...probably a plainclothes officer lurking outside waiting to see if you return, before springing a trap by radioing backup. No idea if that's common practice IRL, as you can tell I'm not an expert.

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The IAA did it, they have the ability to inject human genes into birds so they can communicate in human talk and inform the authorities of any suspicious activity.


It's all part of a "war against crime" campaign, in part of adding Mr Cranley as the next governor, the streets of Los Santos will become a safer place if you vote for him in the next election.


Maybe a UFO which the IAA control have something to do with this.

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its as bad as getting a wanted star after a police car hits you whilst in mid-chase (even though youre doing nothing wrong)

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Animals have the ability to call the cops so it could have been a bird or a rat. Im not joking check the other threads posting proof of this

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