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Motorcycle Club Patch - Request

Lost Legend

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I want something like this except more professional ( Better writing, bottom rocker reading Los Santos and better 1% patch) I do not know how to upload custom crew emblems so I would like to invite you to the crew (and of course I do not wish to be charged as the rules clearly state) it is up to you whether you stay or not and you will be given full credit for the emblem. If you could tell me how to upload your image that would be fine too.


Crew link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/white_mambas_mc_ls





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To be specific. I'd like it to look sort of like a patch with the sort of stitched-on, dirty/faded look. I'd like the writing in the "Carnivale" style (if that is what it is called) and a red diamond for the "1%" sign/patch and a little side patch on the right (if possible) reading" M.F.F.M" (Mambas Forever Forever Mambas) and another little box/small patch reading "2313" and of course can be uploaded to Social Club. I lack the skill to upload custom emblems so to whoever makes the emblem I would like to invite you to the crew to upload it. Any help would be highly appreciated!

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This poor guy got sh*t, hmmm good job gtaforums

I got an emblem done for me so it is cool. I just don't see why people go through the effort of making a patch you cannot upload. Only wasting their own time.

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