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Disney announces plan for Mary Poppins remake


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Mary Poppins will return to the silver screen shedding the glossy charm of the original to be set in depression-era Britain, it has been revealed.

The film, which will be set 20 years after the original, is expected to show the Banks children as young adults, possibly with children of their own. It could also show a darker side of Mary Poppins.

This would follow a growing trend of recent remakes of Disney favourites being more loyal to the original literary works than to the original films.

The new adventure will once again be made by Disney but will be more than a simple re-make, taking inspiration from from all of the books in PL Travers’ eight-part series.

If the remake is to be loyal to the original literary works rather than the 1964 film, it raises the prospect that Poppins could be portrayed in a far harsher light than devotees of Julie Andrews will be used to.

Disney are understood to have won the backing of Travers’ estate for the project.

In the books, Poppins is shown to be snippy, eternally vain, sniffs a great deal and “never wasted time in being nice”.

The original film, which is estimated to have played to more than 200 million people when it was released in 1964, drew loosely on just the first book in the series.

It won five Oscars, including best actress for Julie Andrews in the title role, and grossed $100 million.


Cool but friendly confidence: Julie Andrews Photo: REX

It is however thought that the franchise’s new outing will eschew Dick Van Dyke’s much maligned cockney accent and cast at least a handful of authentic English actors.

Though studio bosses have been tight-lipped about casting, bookmakers are already backing Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet or Carey Mulligan to take on Julie Andrews’ mantle.

Mary Poppins’ revival will be directed by Rob Marshall who won the Academy Award for Best Picture for the 2002 film Chicago.


Christie Brinkley as Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway. Photo: JEREMY SHAFFER

Songwriters Marc Shaiman who wrote the score for the Hairspray musical and composed the theme music for the Smash TV series along with Scott Wittman will together compose the new film’s soundtrack.

They have received early backing for the project from the co-composer of the original score, Richard Sherman, who penned “Chim Chim Cher-ee” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” along with his late brother, Robert.

Meanwhile David Magee whose credits include Finding Neverland and Life of Pi will write the screenplay.

Mary Poppins’ legacy was most recently revived in 2013 in Saving Mr. Banks, which told the story of PL Travers’ meetings with Walt Disney in the early ’60s and how he persuaded her to allow him to make Poppins into a film.

Other recent revivals of children’s favourites have included Disney’s Cinderella, directed by Kenneth Branagh. The film was an enormous success, grossing over $542 million worldwide.

The Jungle Book will be remade by Disney as a live action drama, rather than animation. Due to premiere in 2016, the classical styling of the poster has raised expectations that the film could be faithful to Rudyard Kipling’s original novel.


Actor Dan Stevens has reportedly been cast as the Beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast Photo: Getty/Buena Vista/Film Stills

A live action remake of Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast will be released in 2017 and will star Dan Stevens and Emma Watson.

The news of a Mary Poppins revival came as a new tour of “The Sound of Music”, the film version of which also starred Julie Andrews, prepares to get underway in the United States this weekend.

What do you think of this?

I don't like it, Some movies are just so perfect the first time it doesn't need to be remade and although some remakes are good i have doubts the remake of this movie won't live up to the orginal

Edited by Troubadour
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I never cared for Marry Poppins, but I've seen the trailer for The Jungle Book and it looks awesome. Even the kid looks just like Mowgli. I'm not sure about Emma Watson playing Belle in The Beauty and the Beast though. I'd prefer someone adorable like Emilia Clarke. She actually looks the part if compared to the animated film I mean.

Edited by The Yokel
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Probably won't watch Mary Poppins. For the est, I'll give them a try (Emma <3)


This would follow a growing trend of recent remakes of Disney favourites being more loyal to the original literary works than to the original films.



Good. Although they can't go and make the movies like the original books, I think.

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My dude Dan Stevens as the Beast? I'm not sure how I should feel about that.

Edited by Mr.Scratch
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  • 2 weeks later...

i hope they know what they are doing.

seriously, overall it sounds like a realy bad idea

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