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Ballas Storie


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Ballas Stories


This storyline about guy named

Sam with his dad problems.His Dad (Alex) have problems with russian mafia.



Why Alex have problems with Mafia?

Because his was in 20 year's killer.So Russian Mafia say him to kill Ashley Moomer (Sam's mum),but his don't killed she's.For love.And from this time Russian Mafia don't like Alex.

Who is that Alex?

Alex was a ballas with his friend Frank.From 10 years his living in Crime Street Temple Drive Familly (In that time Temple Drive was a just group of crime,free guys).When Temple Drive be a big group the leader of Temple Drive create a consveretion about joing gang or no.Four guys create the group of friend's and left Temple Drive(You can see that guys in my storyline Crime City Los Santos).Some join Grove but Alex,Frank,Druger(Nickname) and some guys join ballas.From this time Alex join Ballas(You can see in my storyline "The Bad Times For Ballas".In last war in Grove Street police capt him and his jump from building and broke leg.Left his jail with helping Leone Salvatore.Alex fly to LibertyCity for pay Salvatore for freedom.From 20 year's his start be Killer(Assasin).In 30 year's his find Ashley and marry with she and leave killer's job.From some Millions dollar his buy great Home in VineWood and start new life.Later Sam,sh*t and other thing's.Later starting Sam's story his find Alex's ballas suit.Later...Night some guys explove Alex's house.Alex and Ashley die but Sam jump from window and see guys from gang's and mafia's.His drive to Alex's friend Frank.But this is not easy....Story continue's in Storyline.Play and rate.




The son of Alex and Ashley.Nice guy,real cool guy.From 18 year's start to walk to ammunation for shooting.When that sh*t start his drive to Big Boss (Ballas Leader).Too join gang.His biografy is not big just guy and start crime life.This end

Big Boss(and Garry)


I use this skin for two Character's.Big Boss is The Newest leader of Ballas.Cool guy shooting skill's normal's.Crime Status too Big and from this time all say to him Big Boss or MC Ballas(Because his father friend was a MC Ballas and Big Boss everytime liked him just like fans of Singer).In this storyline his have the nice rules.His write new's rules and rule about white guys."Ballas Rule's" page 58 "From this time white guys can helping for ballas and don't killing him." -The Big Boss.

Garry is just guy from Angel Pine who come to LS to be Detective but nothing.His join Ballas and start crime with his best friend Omid.



Cool guy from storyline "Crime City Los Santos".The member of Temple drive who left with his friend's.Real gangsta who don't using narco's because have allergy(Yeah that very impossible).His with friend destroying Dealer's biker's and some guy's.



The son of Pete Gunner.Hate Dad and his job.From 16 year's his DJ in club Alahambra.His have normal money's and living in Ballas Territory.His always creating party's with ballas.And Big Boss accept him to Ballas but his don't want to be the full ballas.His just sometime doing real gangsta thing's.



Just Druger from Jefferson.The leader of narco dealer's group Bear's.Number 1 for selling drugs for Ballas.Very good know Rifa gang and friend of Garry and Omid they always have deal's.



Jade is 16 year's girl who join ballas for fun.Don't like love and other that sh*t.Just know how to shoot with Uzi.Verty good friend with Johnny and all saying about "I think Jade Love Johnny "But she's saying thay just friend's.Always doing easy job with newbies.She's have job like a teacher:All rules of ballas gang,How to shoot,how to killing and how to grab vehicles.



The Best Friend of Jack and Jade.Nice guy and join ballas for his friend Jack.All guys want to be his friend's,his always helping and like his friend.And his create the rule and Big Boss accept that."The Book Of Ballas Rule's"Page 35."All member's,friend's and guys who have good respect with ballas,all have to like him just like brother or The Best Friend".-Johnny



Real Gangsta and the best friend of Johnny.Grom shool his bullyng and using drug's.Nice guy good in shooting.Helping Johnny and Jade too teach new member's.Special created for My Friend Klot (Edgar).



Nice guy from my storyline "Revenge' and "Brass Smasher" who is cancelled.Please don't write in comment's why you canceled storyline "Brass Smasher" -_-.So Mike is The Awesome guy with good shooting and like to be a cool guy.Have the best friend Tony in SF.You can see him in my storyline "Revenge".The First White guy in Ballas Story.



The best friend of Garry.Just guy who join Ballas for living in crime.Allways have deal's with San Fierro Rifa with Garry and Druger.His from San Fierro.All in his street hate him because his black.So his find some money and come to LS to be a Cop.Where his find Garry.But his and Garry is not accepted and they join Ballas for revenge.They have mission for life,have drug's for all member's.His not a cool guy just guy who join Ballas.

Gunner Pete


Dad of DJ and the number one gunner in Ballas Terytory also for Vagos.His have friend's from Army,Mafia's and ammunation's.Just old man who have big money but living in Ammunation.Love his son DJ but DJ don't like him.Nice Guy.For All member's just like Grandpa.Saying story's and how his start deal.Nice man and add new rule in Ballas and Vagos rules.About tec's."The Ballas or The Vagos Rules".Page 28."The Tec's don't using in Ballas or Vagos member's.Tec's just for operation's or salling". -Gunner Pete.

James Salvatore


From Salvatore's real family(not mafia's).His the younghest Salvatore in family and free/don't have what to do.Another Salvatore's don't have time or just lazy/scared be a boss of Caligula.Leone Salvatore say him to create new family "Caligula's Family".The One of Salvatore's family.Good Guy and always have job for some guy's.


Thanks for:

XxProDzXx for Header's.

Klot For Helping(Just Like Friend)

And all my friend's dyomer's.


Coming Soon....

Edited by Grand_Dyom
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sh*t! Another gang war story, :D Looking forward this one. Good luck :)

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U still keeping the headers i send long time ago, much cool, looking foward for this MP :D

Yeah thanks.

sh*t! Another gang war story, :D Looking forward this one. Good luck :)

This is storyline about hard life.But some gangwars story there.Anyway thanks man.:-) Edited by Grand_Dyom
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Good luck with this storyline dog! :lol:

Thanks Horse.


You must not understand slang. Dog means like, friend, or something like that. :miranda:

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Good luck with this storyline dog! :lol:

Thanks Horse.


You must not understand slang. Dog means like, friend, or something like that. :miranda:

I real gangsta.So I know it!

Horse-just funny nickname LOL!


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This will be very awesome :) from me Good Luck on this BRO

Very thank bro.You do me Happy.
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Hey guys.60% created.

That's so sweggy. Respect brutha'. :D Can't wait for this! super pumped!


O think i will put more gangsta sh*t!!!!

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