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vinewood zombie t shirt


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Just been award this t shirt, no idea how i acquired it?




Edited by MineGraft
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I think this is one of the shirts coming with the 'Freemode Event Weekend'. I'm guessing this is the shirt you unlock on Friday. We will see if/when Rockstar makes a newswire post.

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might be same as r* dev tshirt , when you launch game after freemode update you get random tshirts


or it has to be something with editor or achievements, idk cant check atm

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I got mine, Ive participated in about ten of the new DLC games, Ive won 1st place in one, and fourth place in a few of the others, Maybe my 1st place win? Hoping that the earning of the shirt was a rarer reward and not just given out to everyone, lol. or maybe it was. Anyone know the specifics? UPDATE: (answered below, super easy to get one)

Edited by Stealthflight
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Oh ok, its participating in 5 events and logging in each day so its pretty easy to get one, dammit !, lol

Wish they would make shirts for winning so many of the events, Instead of participating, make it by winning 5 events, something like that...

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I got it on a character which I haven't done any new Freemode Events.


Clearly the Vinewood Zombie has something to do with the Editor, since Vinewood Zombie is a film produced within the Rockstar universe. (Edit: Not so clearly after all, it was just awarded for logging on this weekend).


Weird thing is I didn't get it on my main account and it is the only one I've been messing around with the Editor, so I'm not sure how to interpret this.

Edited by hatzi
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Did anyone get this for both their characters? (If they have two)


That'd be nice.



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It's an event weekend shirt. Everyone should get it just for logging on during the event.

Edited by TreFacTor
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you just need to log in to get the shirt

and we will get new shirts


i married my dad tshirt on saturday

Die already tshirt on sunday


got nothing to do with vapid t shirt to be awarded on the 25th

Edited by Arazern
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Yeah, I unlocked it just now as well. It's kinda cool.




What's the Vivisection Top?



It was a Special Crate Drop item on 23.12.2014


Its a company from GTA LCS that makes science kit.

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To celebrate the launch of the Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One, three new t-shirts featuring some of Vinewood's biggest blockbusters will be made available this weekend. To grab them, all you need to do is log on to GTA Online once per day throughout the Event Weekend - every day you log on you'll get a different t-shirt added to your character's inventory:

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  • 7 months later...

Any way to get this now? Any glitches for old shirts?

nope you out of luck unless they re-release the shirt, which they rarely do.

Edited by CarimboHanky
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I mourn thee Special Crates. I mourn thee Festive Surprise 2014.

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