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How do I completely wipe GTA VC off of my computer?


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hello, I recently found my old VC disc and decided to install it on my rig. details are:

Windows 8.1

EVGA Nvidia gtx 660

Seagate 500gb 7500rpm hd

intel core 2 duo e8500

4 gigs of ram

asus pk5pcl (or something like that)


So I installed the game, maxed out the settings and it ran amazing (didn't need compatibility mode). Then, I decided to download killerkip's VC mod which i previously had on my xp sp3 machine. whether or not you're familiar with the mod, i'm going to explain how it gets installed. you download the mod, copy a dummy file to the vc directory, run the .exe file in the package, and then the process runs. in the readme for the mod, it says that the program would show up as not responding on the task manager, no big deal. and while it's runnning, it starts replacing files on the directory. well, windows 8.1 has this weird thing where it doesn't let me uncheck the read only box on a folder's property, therefore the mod didn't install all the way. well, i tried running the game anyways, and it ran fine up until i clicked new game. the game then crashes and that's as far as it goes. so then i uninstalled the game, and did a clean install. but, turns out the custom splash screen that comes with the mod stayed in my hard drive somewhere. and because of this, no matter how many times i uninstall and reinstall vice city the splash screen stays there. what files do i have to delete to make this go away? i've checked my documents and pretty much everywhere on the pc and i can't find any gta related files. i also emailed killerkip himself and got no answer.

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I'd delete everything pertaining to VC in the Program Files (x86) folder and reinstall.


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