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Settings.xml file question - Steam version


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On startup, does V apply the graphics settings that are in the settings.xml file?


For a few weeks now, V always loads my last game save in windowed, a different resolution and a different refresh rate than what I always play it at. Also, when I select graphics options button from the settings menu the game first states that I have not saved the previous settings I have made, save or restore last settings? Either yes or no, the end result is always the same, I have to go back and change these bogus settings. No other graphics settings are effected. I checked the .xml file and all the settings I want are there. Is there another file linked to my settings?

Does V go by my NVCP display setting?

If I delete this .xml file will V rebuild it the next time I start the game?

Edited by stretchx9
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Tried everything. This issue has been reported in other forums but there's no solution offered.

Changed Nvidia drivers.

Re-verified the game file cache.

Ran game as Administrator.

Changed all game file security configs to write.

Disabled the antivirus.

Deleted settings.xml. The game rebuilt the file.

No invalid settings are being forced, all are valid options.

Disabled Afterburner and the RTSS onscreen overlay.

Splash screen displays at the intended settings. Loading screens look normal.

Saved games starts as windowed, 800x600, 50hz.

Game still gives me an ALERT! popup about me not saving changes when I tick only the Graphics button in settings.

Settings.xml always shows my intended settings.

Changed settings stay and work properly all during the gaming session.

Reverted to default graphics settings.

Gameplay looks and runs beautifully, 50-60 fps at 4k dsr without stuttering.

Edited by stretchx9
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  • 3 weeks later...



Why does ALT+TABing after the game completely loads fix an issue with the .settings.xml entries being ignored? Then again, why does alt+tab to desktop fix anything?


Last night I discovered my preferred graphic settings in settings.xml suddenly showed up in the game's graphic settings after ALT+TABing out to remove an unwanted OSD measurement in MSI Afterburner. For weeks, I've had to manually enter my preferred graphics settings after loading the game!

Edited by stretchx9
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Having the same issue,the game loads in windowed 800x600 somethin,have to alt+enter in order to get it back to fullscreen with pre settings,but sometimes it doesn't happen,guess it might have something to do with whats running in the background.


Samsung Magician forces games into windowed mode,but i've removed it from startup so theres something else thats doing it,could be DSR,disable DSR and give it a try.

Edited by _MK_
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That didn't work. I put everything (DSR, Samsung Rapid Mode too) back. Being able to use DSR justifies a couple key presses anyhoo. Thanks MK.

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