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Grand theft auto nostra vita


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Nostra Vita


4:13 am New york city [phone rings] enzo (lorenzo) 24 wakes up and checks his cell phone . He noticed he just missed a call fron a unknown name then he waits untill they call back 2 minutes later he is confused he doesn't know if he should call back but he decides quickly and answered to a male in his mids 30's the guy on the other side of the phone asked him with deep voice if he was lorenzo. Enzo said yes this is enzo. The other man shoots his gun and a loud and painful scream comes out while he makes fun of it and laughs as he was enjoying it. Lorenzo yells at the man on the phone and asks -wtf it's going on!? -what did just happen! The guy on the other side of the phone continued laughing and says -have you seen your little brother lately? Have you take the time to visit your family in Italy?

then lorenzo asks -who are you and what do you want from me? The man - you know what i want. I want you for killing my brother when you two were in jail in italy. Lorenzo - if i did so it was because things weren't going like they were suppose to. It was either him or me. The man -what ever mother fcker i will get you as soon as i find you in America <hangs up> enzo now worried and confused is thinking if he should go look for that guy in Italy or wait untill the man finds him and confront him now that his brother is kidnapped and probably dead. But lorenzo has his contacts who will protect him since he is a member of a powerful Mafia in NY city. On the other hand the 2nd protagonist is Juan 23 an illegal immigrant who lives in the north side of mexico, A humble young adult man that lives with his older brother Israel and his brother's wife natalia. Juan's life is complicated since he lives in the middle of a war between The Mexican cartels and the goverment. Juan and his brother Israel are in the mexican military forces but Juan one day decides that he needs to leave his country because A powerful and very dangerous cartel's boss wants his head since Juan with the help of other soldiers killed the cartel boss (señor.aguilera) son "andres" while a duty combat against aguilera's cartel. So one day Juan says good bye to everyone he knows and leaves everything behind, his brother, friends and wife and goes to US illegaly. Btw there could be a mission where Juan walks the desert and finds himself in trouble while trying to get to the US. Juan and lorenzo the Italian guy will meet eachother when one of enzo's contacts tell enzo about a guy that will help him to find that guy he spoked on the phone with. And that guy will be a guy whom Juan will be staying with when he arrives to the US.( a cartel member) the 3rd protagonist will be joe mattews a hard working (caucasian)"white"man that works in a dairy since he was born and raised in los santos he is 26 a tall man that wears a black cow boy hat but dresses classy when off work. Joe lives with his sister kendall mattews 18 , his older brother joh mattews 28 and his father chris mattews 51 also a farm man divorced from joe's mother. ((All the caharacters will meet in Los santos.)) Joe is tired of working in a dairy and decides to give a try to the drug bussines after talking about it with alberto garcia a mexican drug dealer(29)Y.O i think y'all already know what is going to happen they all going to meet eachother and are going to help lorenzo find his younger brother and the angry kidnapper while doing bussines on the side. I hope somebody read this and comments!. I want the next protagonist to be younger not old like gta v.

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