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SINNERS MC SS Looking For Hang Arounds (PS4)


Recommended Posts

Looking For A MC? Tired Of Trying To Get Members?

Want To Patch Over To A Stronger Brotherhood?


We Are Looking For Hang Arounds To Join SINNERS MC SS,

Intrested In Players In All Time Zones So Members Are Online 24/7 So A Brother Doesnt Ride Alone.

Been Established For 5-6 Months.

Looking For Players Active,Have A Mic, And Acts Mature Age Is Waved On How You Act.

Only Interested In Serious 1% Players Only

Assault Rifles Only, No Rooftops, Ya Know The Usual.

Baggers, Daemons, Hexers, Old School Style Bikes Only.

Contact Info Is Below. If Interested Please Contact Me

First, I Will Meet With you So Will The Club To See If Were Intrested In Inviting You To Be Apart Of Our Club,

Becoming A Patched Member Isnt For All Players, Were Serious When Needed, But We Dont Take The Fun Outta The Game Itself.



Kik/PSN- Mr_watchem_drop


Hang Around SC- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sinnersmc_hangaround


SINNERS Prospect SC-http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/prospects_sinners_mc


SINNERS MC SS (Mother Charter) SC-http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sinners_mc_ps4_ss


SINNNERS MC Website- (Coming Soon)

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Send me a game invite I have my own m.c outlaw crew but would like to ride with u guys and back u guys up as we are all brothers......STONE AGE STONERS M.C...us our crew we are only 5 loyal memebers deep all in high 100 ranks we only drive old skool bikes we are respectible hit me up PSN:smokeout306

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Mostly Today We Been Messing Around Doing Heist & Missions Couple Club Member's Was Running Low On Cash, Hopefully We Can Get Up And Go For A Ride. I Should Be Back Online In 7-8 Hours.

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