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GTA Online Update Idea: The Kingpin Update (Drug Dealing)


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Everyone keeps saying they want drug dealing in GTA V or GTA Online. I'm trying to think of a way to fit it into the game without it being a tedious side activity, and I think I came up with something interesting. Maybe.


The Kingpin Update features an all new gameplay aspect for GTA Online. Now you can begin and manage your very own contraband operation!


How it works:

Gerald will call players that have completed all of his available jobs and offer them the opportunity to "Step up their game". Gerald is impressed by what you've accomplished for him, you see.


To start off, you will need to collect "product" to build an inventory. This "product" may be anything from unspecified drugs to guns and explosives. Gerald will tell you to keep an eye out for opportunities to steal product from other criminals around San Andreas.


Your first opportunity will appear as a "Random Encounter" drug deal. Gerald will text you and inform you where it's taking place. Like Lester's KILL TARGET jobs, you can choose to accept to decline. If you accept, a green circle will appear on your minimap. Somewhere within that area is a drug deal taking place, typically two cars parked near each other and a few armed dudes hanging around. Crash the party, grab the product, and haul ass back to your apartment. The first time around, a short cut scene will play of your character hiding the package in a secret compartment.


The game will inform you of a new option added to your quick menu: "Product Inventory". When selected, it will tell you how much of each product you currently have in stock.


Here's where it gets fun. From here on out this is all open ended free-roam stuff.


The Dealer

Gerald will tell you that he's set you up with one of his trusted dealers. His number will be added to your contact list. Call the dealer at any time, and as long as you have product in stock, you can tell him to "Distribute". He will go to a random spot on the map and begin selling product. The more time he spends dealing, the more money he - and you - make. The dealer gets a cut, Gerald gets a cut, and you get a cut. While he's dealing, a total of what he's earned will appear in yellow in the top right corner of the screen (where your bank is shown).


Here's the catch: The longer he's out there, the higher the chances he gets busted by police or another place.


You may call your dealer at any time to tell him to pack it in, and you'll secure his current profit, splitting it 3 ways among you, him and Gerald.


The more you use one specific dealer, the higher his skill/awareness becomes. The higher his skill/awareness, the better the chances he'll evade the police/other players. If your dealer is killed/arrested by police, you must find another dealer. Each new dealer you hire will request slightly higher pay than the last, because word gets around that you can't keep your crew alive. If your dealer is "killed" by another player, he will simply go to the hospital and be released. You will pay his medical expenses.



Police Involvement:

The Police will occasionally trouble your dealer. The longer he's out there, the higher the chances the police will get involved. When this happens, sometimes your dealer will evade them, sometimes he won't. This all depends on the dealer's skill level. If your dealer gets arrested, you have until the police arrive with him at the police station to rescue him. Once the police get to the station, it's over, you lose the dealer. Gerald will call and tell you he sent someone in to recover the product and cash the dealer stashed before he was grabbed, but you will only get a small cut of that.


Player Involvement:

Other players can rob your dealer, too. Gerald will text you that someone has robbed your dealer, and you will have to stop them before they can stash your cash and product. Whenever a player robs another player's dealer, they will have to take the goods to a random location on the map - usually at least 4 miles away from their current location. This ensures that the victimized player has the opportunity to get their stuff back. To get your stuff back, chase down the other player and kill them. The stuff will be dropped, and as soon as you collect it, it's safe. It cannot be stolen back. Your dealer will text you that he was released from the hospital and paid his bill with the money he made off the deal.


Quitting the session while your dealer is under arrest or while another player has your stuff, forfeits that stuff. You MUST intervene to get it back, or lose it.


Attaining Product:

There will be tons of random opportunities to build your stock up.

-Steal from other players; dealers: You will never be notified of another player's dealer selling product, but if you're careful enough to spot them with your own eyes, you can "kill" them and steal everything they had. As explained above, that player will be notified of what you've done and will likely come after you. If you make it to the designated location on the map, the product will be safely delivered and you can breathe easy.


-Steal from NPC dealers: There will randomly be NPC's dealing that are NOT working for players. If you see them, kill them and take their stuff. Some dudes might come after you, and if they kill you, you lose the product you stole. If you reach the drop off, you keep it.



-Raid a Hideout: Gerald will occasionally let you know that a rival operation is sorting product in a random location. This will work similarly to gang attacks. Go to the location, kill everyone, get away with the stuff, evade anyone who might chase you. Profit.


-Ambush a Transport: Whether it's drugs or guns, sometimes it can be found moving around the map in vehicles. Drugs and Guns will randomly be transported in a variety of discreet vehicles - Boxvilles, Romeros, Burritos, Cavalcades, etc. Mass quantities of drugs will be transported in Police convoys, high power weaponry will sometimes be transported in a Military Convoy; these are worth the most, but are also the hardest to get away with. The smaller the vehicle, the less product that will be in it. Capture the vehicle hauling the product and deliver it safely to the drop off. Capture it by ANY means - Cargobob is a means.



NOTE: Remember, this is all taking place in FREE ROAM, meaning you can have your buddies jump in and help at ANY point. Likewise, attacking another player's dealer may bring an entire crew against you. Be careful. Be sure to pay your crew members for assisting you.


You can set up your dealer and then go about your own business, or you may hang around and provide direct-protection yourself if you so choose.



Outfitting your Crew:

The Dealer: Your Dealer will need some decent equipment to ensure he can get away if things go wrong. You set up your Dealer's gear, you simply open the Quick Menu and select "Operations". Within this menu, select "Dealer". In this menu will be options for weapon and vehicle.

-In the weapons menu, you will be able to purchase any weapon for your dealer to equip. Note: An assault rifle is probably more suitable than an RPG. You can also set whether or not he automatically equips armor - this cost will be deducted from his daily profit.

-In the vehicles menu, you can choose from ANY currently owned vehicle. You will be warned, however, that if your dealer loses your vehicle, you're still liable for insurance, so it's probably better to acquire a vehicle specifically designated for your dealer to drive as opposed to a high dollar super car.



Upgrading your Operation:

Your progress will be marked in milestones. Each milestone unlocks new business opportunities.


-Additional Crew: Hire gunmen to help protect your Dealer. Each gunman requires compensation, but each also provides their own vehicle and weaponry. The more gunmen you hire to watch over your dealer, the less likely you will need to personally respond to problems. You may hire up to 8 gunmen who will split up evenly into armored Cavalcades.


-Informant: Hiring an informant will lower the risk of your Dealer being ambushed by the police. The Informant will call the dealer to warn him when police are gearing up to bust him, and the dealer will pack up and leave. This prevents losses due to police intervention. The Informant is not always privy to information, however, so there may be times when you still need to rescue the Dealer.


-I will put down more ideas as I come up with them.





So, in essence, think "MGS V FOB", only extremely simplified. I think it would be a lot of fun.





The Kingpin Update will also include new vehicles,



Vapid Broadway: Top of the line sedan in 1932, now a piece of rolling artwork. (Similar to San Andreas version)


Albany Hustler: Smaller brother to the Roosevelt, but upgraded with a more modern powertrain and suspension. (Similar to San Andreas version)


Schyster PMP 800: Even better than it's 2008 counterpart, the PMP 600. (Chrysler 300)


Schyster PMP 800w: Like a normal PMP 800, but in WAGON form! (Dodge Magnum, Chrysler 300)


Cheval Savanna: Classic low-rider (identical to San Andreas version)


Imponte Deluxo: All this talk about drugs, how about the Deluxo NOT be included?

Edited by CarnageRacing00
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