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Auto Aim in Free Aim?


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I've come across a strange occurrence, I believe to have come across a player using auto-aim in a free aim lobby. Is this a known glitch/hack, or something caused by the update?


And before any one starts, I am fully capable of recognizing a good player. But the speed he was able to target and kill me, even at range and while moving, was not that of a great player. It was of somebody using artificial means to aim.

Edited by CaliMeatWagon
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Don't know what platform you're on, but on PS4 there was a glitch to get full AA into free aim sessions. Maybe that has come back. But since free aim assisted and free aim players share the same lobbies, it was probably just someone using FAA and spamming the L2. Currently, free aim is ruined with this mixing of aim modes.

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Yeah, a friend of mine and I were playing in a FA lobby a few days ago and he sent me a screenshot of his aim preferences being set to AA. Hopefully this gets fixed though.

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Yea this happened to me over the summer; I thought this would have been fixed by now. Even still though, there is free aim assisted- which is a watered down version of auto-aim in a free aim lobby mixing with 100% free aim users. I don't understand rockstar's logic with that one.

Edited by Ker Juice
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It's probably because he either accepted an invite to join and Auto-aim session, and then failed to join the job due to an error (which changes your option anyways to auto-aim), or they were using Free-aim assisted which, unfortunately, is paired up with the same people using Free-aim.

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Free Aim - Assisted players are put in the same lobby as Free Aim players, they just get less RP than you in missions.

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Well that's some BS. I understand the lack of players being an issues, but those two aim types should be separated from each other.

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i remember there was a glitch like a year ago...


if not mistaken it had something to do with joining a freeaim mission while in autoaim, backing out would send you to freeaim lobby with autoaim.

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