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Musket Battle

Don Z McHenry

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My friends and I have been wanting to do a musket battle for awhile, but we do not have enough people with muskets for a decent parlay. We can get about 5 people on for sure, but this is uneven and not big enough.


We will be hosting this sometime this weekend, most likely Friday or Saturday. If you have an interest in joining up, please follow this topic so you will know the exact time of this event and stay in the loop.


We will be making a last team standing match for this event with a couple of rounds. Probably first to 3 wins. We will have to allow owned weapons since you cannot force the musket, so we ask that you stay strictly to the musket for the duration of our battle.


Teams will start on a field with two defensive lines to take cover behind and fire from. There will be a no man's land in the middle with an extreme lack of cover to make up for the fast pace of the charge and the slow reload time of the muskets. Calvary daggers and hatchets are allowed when charging or fighting at close range.


If you want to join, please fill out this template below with your gamertag and rank. Since my crew is recruiting, I need you to send me a message on Xbox saying that you are messaging me for the musket battle and not the crew to avoid confusion. My GT is King OF Cake21o.




Edited by kingofcake21o
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I am making a roster now. Please sign up by Friday.


To those who I've told it will be Friday at 5pm EST, we are extending it to Saturday at the same time. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it seems that Saturday will be the best day for it.



OP updated to include the correct time. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, gentlemen.





King OF Cake21o





Fatal x Equinox [maybe]




We still need more people.

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