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Triathlon Race Game Type Suggestion


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I love the wide variety of races that are available in GTA Online, and I enjoy mixing things up with playlists to get the most from the terrain and vehicle options. I also love the flexibility that the creator offers, giving players the tools they need to make virtually any race type they could ever want. But I've never really seen a triathlon race type done before, or at least, no player-created ones that were done that well.


I know you can have playlists where you can create a mock triathlon by going straight into another race type after finishing the previous, but what I'm suggesting is a seemless transition from one mode to another. What I propose is a relatively simple idea which is to create and allow players to create - via the creator - a triathlon race type.


Basically, a triathlon race is split into three stages, much like a standard triathlon, however there are land, sea, and air stages, rather than swimming, cycling, and running stages. Players race through a variety of checkpoints over a portion of the map via one means of transport and then crosses a stage finish line, where they are ordered to swap to a vehicle that is classed as viable for the next stage of the race.


E.G: players race cars for a minute or so - or for however the creators deem fun/necessary/etc. - pass through the stage finish line, and then must get into one of the waiting planes or helicopters to start the next stage. This then continues on to a sea stage, until all three stages have been completed and a final finish line is presented.


I'll try to illustrate some of the main points in a list below, for those that wish to skip the 'waffle' I've written, and just want to get into the meat of the suggestion:


  • A three stage race consisting of mandatory land, sea, and air sections,
  • Viable vehicles will wait at the start of each new stage which players will be locked into when chosen so they respawn in that vehicle if destroyed between checkpoints,
  • Race sections can be created in any combination, starting and ending with different sections, i.e: choose which vehicle is used for which stage of the race,
  • The usual assortment of race options such as racing perspective, collision mode or not, weapons active, point-to-point or laps, catchup, slipstream, time of day, etc.,
  • A triathlon MUST have three sections that are all different,
  • The race host must choose what class of vehicles would be used in the race, which affects all stages,
  • High end vehicle class will allow players to choose sports and super cars, jets or fast helicopters, and jetskis, whilst a low end vehicle class means players must choose sedan/coupe car types, cropdusters cessnas, and fishing boats or yachts,
  • Players can choose custom cars and bikes only if the first stage is a land section,
  • In the event that the air stage is not the final stage, passing through the final checkpoint triggering the next section but not successfully landing the plane and crashing results in it being present on the ground, not in the air,
  • Small boosts can be acquired for players who perform specific stunts through specific aerial markers, such as knife flights, and flying upside down, much like the aviation lessions, however a speed boost rather than a time reward,


I'll try to add more points if they spring to mind, of ir someone offers a good point in their comment that I like.



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I'd totally support this. Painful as they can be, I found the Triathlons quite entertaining and really liked the break from the standard GUNS AND BOMBS AND CARS overload that GTA can often create. Honestly, I was surprised to see it wasn't an option when the Creator opened up.

Signatures are dumb anyway.

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