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How to store a vehicle while in a mission ?


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Hi there, how do I store a vehicle while in a mission ?


I have read that you need to go into a mission to find the modded Dubsta 2 but once I have got it how do I go about storing it while I'm in a mission ?


Thanks in advance. :^::)

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I dont think you can store a car mid mission. From memory if you finish that mission in the car you want to store it should spawn near you when going back to free mode. I dont think it works if you have a PV out so start the mission with no PV's out. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

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drive it in your garage

This works as long as you've not done any of the mission objevtives. E.g if you've picked up the package in any mission that has one, you can't then go into your garage at all.

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In a mission the garage icon doesn't show up, but it's as simple as just driving into where your garage is ?

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I have a Dubsta 2 and can help you spawn one if you are on xbox one just add me GT: kevin352001


the mission is Time to get out, but have to say i have not been able to spawn one sins the 1.29 update.


Maby anyone know the new spawn loacation i havent seen em at LSC anymore.


If you want a hearse then i can help you also :)

Edited by kevin352001
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Thanks for trying will give it another go :)


Yes Confirmed ... On Xbox One


also at LSC Burton :)

Edited by kevin352001
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I spawned one yesterday with out a mission, in free roam I just circled lsc (the one in the middle of the city)it was 13 on the cell phone time.ps4

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