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What would you consider the most satisfying Awards?


Of the 120+ awards, which one comes the closest to a "real" accomplishment?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Of the 120+ awards, which ones come the closest to a "real" accomplishment?

    • Criminal Mastermind (All heist jobs, in order, same crew mates, Hard difficulty, no one dies)
    • Hole in One (Golf)
    • Checking Out (Darts)
    • All-Rounder (Win at least once in every game mode)
    • Over Achiever (28 straight days of Daily Objectives completed)
    • Wll Recieved (100 Thumbs-up for your created-content)
    • Fly Bye (Shoot down 50 of Trevor's Smuggler Planes, that count!)
    • Out of Five (win a 5-set Tennis Match)
    • The Car Bomber (Kill 25 players with car bombs)
    • Jack of All Trades (Perform every task from every heist)
    • Lapping it Up (Get 25 private dances)
  2. 2. How many awards have you gotten Platinum on?

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As old-gen's time time draws nigh I'm running out of things to do. Not bad, since I've had it since release.

I'm looking at which awards I haven't gotten, and most are either mind-numbing grindy or nearly-pure luck to get.

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I've earned a few fairly difficult ones in my time; Granny (opponent had to reload at the perfect time!), Checking Out (I know the rules of Darts, which helps!), an actual legit World Record (the day Beach Bum went live!) ..actually about half of the ones in the poll - but Criminal Mastermind and Hole-In-One have eluded me so far...both require a lot of skill and perhaps a bit of luck, whereas many of the other 'rare' ones could be achieved with the help of a compliant friend or an idle player :)

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I know it's not 'hard' to achieve but what about First Person Heists? I know you can do it on easy (I think) but being in cover and driving in first person can be quite annoying.

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definately the 'pimp daddy' award... yo yo yo pimpn ain't easy. or the 'hooker banging' award, I worked my a$$ off for that.

Edited by GoodTimesAhead
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Criminal Mastermind...BY FAR, hence the $10,000,000 reward.


This requires three other people to be perfect too.


All the other accomplishments can be completed by yourself.

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Elite Challenge since the award is the only t-shirt that has something on the back.

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The Elite Challenges are the hardest and most satisfaying thing.


the mastermind is a great feat.


checking and hole in one are true bitches, took me months and i mean months like well over a year making 30 attempts everyday.


i have completed all awards so yeah

Edited by CarimboHanky
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