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will actor follow a curvy road if there is a route point at the end?


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will an actor follow a curvy road if there is a routepoint at the end? like, there would be like 2 routepoints. Start curvy road and end curvy road. does it matter when the actors are slow or aggressive? or do they both follow the road/go straight to the routepoint without focusing on the road?

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It doesn't matter what behavior the driver is, route point system is separate script, behavior is just a how fast is he gonna drive or will he drift while diverting or such. As far as i remember, the route point system has improved a lot in V8 but on the other hand it just suck because driver is going in non-logical directions. When you are setting curvy road routes, if you don't set many routes very close to each other, driver will start driving in some random direction trying to find normal road (street). Well it really depends on which curvy road you are designing mission on. Sewerage road in LS is almost useless now (unless you make it really good, i don't know), you set one route at the beginning and at the end, and when actor starts driving, he will immediately (or a little time after) turn somewhere and try to find normal road and it's really annoying. This has never been a problem, it appears only in V8 because they made script more stable so actor will more ''carefully'' follow the main road. In other words, he follows it when he doesn't need to. He doesn't fully respect route point what is the most important thing because he is forced to use the main road whenever he has a little space left (if routes are far from each other).


So, straight to the answer: It depends of what curvy road are you using. If the distance between two route points is too far (in actor's view), he will eventually think of another way to get to the route point using his non-logic sense (he will go off curvy road and get to the main road, and then get back to the curvy road to reach the route point. He will not go straight like he should go).

Edited by AnDReJ98
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thanks for informing me. i was referring to a curvy road in bone county, near the cluckin' bell. but considering the AI in other games, he will probably screw up.

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