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Spoiler performance question


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I hate spoilers, but they add a traction or other performance boost.


Does this stat change increase measurably with the selection of "higher tier" spoilers like the GT wing, or will any spoiler confer the same benefit regardless of repulsiveness?

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I believe spoilers are purely cosmetic. Except for the T20's which does increase downforce.

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Someone told me and a little research suggests that PC modders have found a stat increase for spoiler-equipped cars? There are a number of comparative videos as well. I'm only about 80% convinced at the moment, but I'm definitely experiencing a difference in cars that I have a LOT of time driving (Entity, Kuruma). There seems to be much less traction lost in sharp cornering. The cars I use haven't changed their look since I modded them the very first day I owned them (playing since Day 1) so I became very accustomed to how they handle.


But it might be a placebo - if the generally established opinion here is that they're cosmetic, I'll be very happy to go back to shunning them.

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spoilers actually do increase traction now since a certain update some months ago.

but they have all the same performance, so it doesn't make any difference which spoiler you put on.

for some cars like the stirling the spare wheel on the back has the same function as a spoiler.


the spoiler on the t20 is unfortunately only cosmetic on last gen (a bug).

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lord tammerlain

Spoilers work. They do add traction. As long as you choose the second or greater spoiler option you will have an increase in traction.


Now some of the top drivers gunit123 feel the different spoilers provide different results. Others feel they have the same benefit broughy1332

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Spoilers in fact DO provide extra traction. This was added in a patch some time ago. They USED to be purely cosmetic but now any spoiler you choose will give the same traction increase regardless of its size or height. This can easily be tested by comparing handling with and without the spoiler on cars that are known to be very tail happy and oversteer alot like the Dukes, Futo, Phoenix, 9F and so forth.

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