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CLEO Events

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There are somethings that are very difficult, or impossible even impossible to do in CLEO. Some of those are strictly related to the linear flow and/or time the script engines runs.

So I had this idea the other night, and I'm excited to put it in action: An callback/event system. Let's see how it turns out.


It's good to recall that the external scripts has a little bit of this, with them being triggered by objects and peds around. However I'm here more focused on events that are truly out of the control of the scripter.


This is a experimental project, there are no short term plans for an official release, but the source code will be available soon.

Feedback and ideas are very very truly welcome.

Currently, I've added the following opcodes:

0F70: is_event_available TYPE // Checks if this version of the plugin supports the event TYPE0F71: create_event_listener TYPE at LABEL EVENT_PARAMS... num_vars NUM_LABEL_VARS LABEL_VARS... store_to VAR0F72: destroy_event_listener HANDLE0F73: return_from_event RETURNS...

The callbacks will work in a coroutine fashion, you can WAIT on them and things like that.



// EVENT_RENDER2D.TXT// Why: Scripter has no directly control over the rendering time.{$CLEO}0000:0F71: create_event_listener 10 at @CallbackDraw2D ___ num_vars 1 CRGBA 0xFF0000FF store_to [email protected] true    wait 600000end// Draws the hand icon on the screen. :CallbackDraw2D//[email protected] = 0xFF0000FF // [email protected] = 640.0      // CRect::[email protected] = 480.0      // CRect::[email protected] = -0.5       // CRect::[email protected] = -0.5       // CRect::b0AC7: [email protected] = var [email protected] offset0AC7: [email protected] = var [email protected] offset0AA6: call_method 0x728350 {CSprite2d::Draw} struct 0xBAB1FC num_params 2 pop 0 rgba [email protected] coords [email protected] 0F73: return_from_event 0
// EVENT_SCRIPT_TERMINATE.TXT// Why: Sometimes you want to use unmanaged resources (e.g. some OS resource), but then you// remember you may leak th if the user new/load game because you didn't free the resource when// your script got killed. So here we go...{$CLEO}0000:{ The following only notifies about this script termination. }//0A9F: [email protected] = current_thread_pointer//0F71: create_event_listener 0 at @OnScriptTerminate script_pointer [email protected] num_vars 0 store_to [email protected]{ The following notifies about any script termination. }0F71: create_event_listener 0 at @OnScriptTerminate script_pointer 0 num_vars 0 store_to [email protected] true    wait 600000end:OnScriptTerminate// [email protected] is the currently terminating script [email protected] += 0x8 // now it is CRunningScript::szName[8]0AD3: [email protected] = format "TERMNT:%s" [email protected]   0662: printstring [email protected] // http://gtag.gtagaming.com/mods/81-sa-scrdebug/0F73: return_from_event 0 
// EVENT_VEHICLE_DESPAWN.TXT// Why: Because reasons.{$CLEO}0000:// -1 for any/all cars0F71: create_event_listener 2 at @OnVehicleDespawn vehicle_handle -1 num_vars 0 store_to [email protected] true    wait 600000end:OnVehicleDespawn// [email protected] is the currently despawning vehicle handle0441: [email protected] = car [email protected] model0ADB: [email protected] = car_model [email protected] name0AD3: [email protected] = format "VEHDEL:%s" [email protected]   0662: printstring [email protected] // http://gtag.gtagaming.com/mods/81-sa-scrdebug/0F73: return_from_event 0 
Edited by Girish

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Jason Statham

Nice. Now scripting will be more easier and fun. :cookie:

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Joseph Goebbels

wow :O good project


Also, if still end, make GTA III/VC

Edited by The_Pirate

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