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Edit a couple of small logos


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Not sure if its against the rules or something to ask for something non gta related, seeing as this entire website is all about gta, but i have never had help this good on any other websites and i dont know any other forums where i can ask someone to create a logo for me without payment of any kind, so i would just like to say really quick, thank you to everyone who does all this photo editing just out of kindness.

Anyways, here is what i would like. I use a program called rainmeter (if you dont know about it, look it up) its pretty much just a program that adds widgets to your desktop. I would like for someone to create logos for me to use with rainmeter. I will link an imgur album with all the pictures needed.




Included is a picture of my desktop so you can get an idea of what i want it to look like, the template (all though the colors are inverse, dont know why, maybe you do), and the logos that i want you to put in the template. (Excuse the visualizer on bottom of screen, i was listening to music.) Obviously i want the same color scheme so red circle with white logo centered inside.


Mafia 2: 2 logos, one with just the guy in the circle, and another one with just the roman numeral for 2 inside.

Skyrim: Logo inside circle.

Gta iv/v: Numbers inside circle, one logo for each.

Fifa 14/15: Remove fifa from the logo and just put the numbers inside the circle, one logo for each.

CS:GO: Logo inside circle.

Once again i would like to stick with the same color scheme and what not, so keep the circle redish/pinkish and make the logos white and center them inside the circle.

I know i am asking for quite a bit here but if anyone could do this i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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