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If any admin/mod are reading this. Can you add

Busy Status. (Yellow Colored) And.

Do not Disturb Status. (Red Colored) there were gonna be buttons near your name. Busy. And

Do not Disturb to our Online/Offline



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If you have the time to be on the forum, you can be on the forum.


If you don't, you either stay away or gather up the will power and discipline to not check and reply to the massive amount of messages you seem to get. If whatever you are doing is so time sensitive that you can't spend two minutes replying to a PM or something the former is probably the better to be honest.


There's zero need for a little red indicator saying you are busy. I wouldn't care about it anyway even if we had one that you were using and I bet most other people wouldn't either. I'd reply to your post/send my PM to you anyway. If I'm busy doing something else I won't reply to your message straight away and I wouldn't expect a reply from you within minutes either.

Edited by Andreaz1
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This is plac is called GTAForums, not xbox live.

Horrible Comparison.


If you are busy or don't want to be disturbed then don't keep a GTAF tab open/log off.Offline = Doing something else.

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You have the option to sign in anonymously so that your name does not appear in the online list and you'll not be disturbed.

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What Girish said.


It's a forum anyway, not like you need to reply right away.

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