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[PSP] Cars disappear garage bugged

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Hy guys :lol:


Can anyone explain why the cars in the PSP version are going away? :panic: I am confused why :r*: released an GTA with a bugging garage. :blink: I mean why is there no patch for it? :cry:

Edited by Zisch4Bumm

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Well, when you save vehicles in a garage, the door closes and the vehicles inside are dropped from memory but their details are stored elsewhere. When you approach the garage, the cars respawn using these details, and the door opens. That's why the garage can be used as a repair facility.


In Vice City Stories, when you save/load and exit your safehouse, the vehicles respawn automatically without any player interaction with the garage. When you move away from the garage, the vehicles are dropped from memory like any other NPC or NPC vehicle in the game, and the details are not saved as the garage has not been "activated".


You are right in that it is a glitch, and it renders all of the safehouse garages in the game somewhat useless as they cannot be relied on for keeping vehicles safe. Since the PSP never supported game patches, it was never fixed, nor in subsequent re-releases of the PSP version of VCS (which really is pretty damn lazy).

Edited by Helegad
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Hello Helegad


Thank you for your answer :)

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Lethal Vaccine



Listen to that. He is playing on PSP and obtaining 12 Special Vehicles in his playthrough as 12 is the max capacity you can store in VCS. He knows a method on keeping them in the Garages, but you MUST do like he does EVERY Mission, before and after, EVERY TIME you save, before and after, etc, etc, etc. It's a real pain in the ass in regards to the PSP Version.


Luckily my PS2 Version is flawless. Garages work perfectly and nothing ever disappears. I have 3 100% Save Files, each with 12 Special Vehicles in each, so a total of 36 Special Vehicles and nothing ever disappeared to date...

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Wow i had special bikes in it from the Forbes Missions but they disappeared :c But anyways thank you ^^

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Lethal Vaccine

The Bum Deal? The Bum Deal has 3 UH (Unique Handling) Bikes in the Mission and they are simple to obtain. They are the UH Freeway, UH Wintergreen, and UH Ventoso. I have all of these, of course. I have the best 36 Special Vehicles in VCS. In LCS, I have 6 100% Save Files and a total of 72 Special Vehicles since 12 fit per Save File...

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I had 2 special bikes (forgot how special), 2 AP forellie exsees and 1 EC, H, DP bright red rumbo


The forelli and the rumbo disappeared first but the bikes remained, then after some time I notices the bikes were missing, I could've just reload the save and lose 1 mission progress, but at that point I didn't care anymore 😂

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When ever I save my special ground vehicles they disappear after some days. No fixes right? 

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