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Online Player Kill Compilation Videos. Looking for Input and Suggestio

Whoop ya Cyclops Gamin

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Whoop ya Cyclops Gamin

Hey I have made 6 Online Player Kill Complations so far on my Youtube channel. I am just curious what people think about them?

Please check it out and let me know what you think.


Here is a link to #6


You Can Also Find My Channel By Searching Whoop Ya Cyclops Gaming.

Within the next day or 2 I will start making my How-To Heist + Setup Videos, Starting With Pacific Standard.


Thanks For Your Input, I Hope You Enjoy It!

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I think you got 1 good kill the homing launcher on a kuruma next to alta st. the rest where scrubby all the tank kills the jet kills assault shotgun while hiding round a wall waiting on prob newbs coming up the road to get easy kills you even sniped an afk afc whatever you call it no skill atol lol

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i'll be brutally honest


for one, fix the brightness in the video, i can barely see sh*t.


secondly, none of those kills were impressive. most of them were either through a tank or a jet and the ones you got on foot were nothing out of the ordinary. all-in-all most, if not all of your kills were cheap and this video looks like nothing more than a talentless griefing montage.


almost every time someone posts a kill montage in this section, 90% of the time it's just a series of cheap kills that the uploader thought were impressive, but really they aren't



but idk, that's just what i think

Edited by Pegassi Autobot
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Whoop ya Cyclops Gamin

Thanks For your Input guys. Thats what i was looking for to be honest. im new to editing and making videos. my friend's kept telling me they were good but I was sure they were hiding something.

Ill make sure to only put impressive kills, Fix the Brightness. and overall just put more time into it.

Thanks for your opinions. I appreciate the constructive criticism.

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Have you considered jet vs jet combat? Most dogfights tend to be rather quick and fast-paced affairs unless the pilots are very nearly equally-skilled. Jet vs. ground stuff though usually will just make the pilot look like a griefing turd though, unless you get something special like shooting someone while flying backwards or diving from max altitude.


Sniping people out of jets or other moving vehicles might also be something to consider, particularly if it's a vehicle lots of people hate.


Admittedly, I'm probably not a great model for this sort of thing given my propensity for using proximity mines and vehicles, but that's just my two cents.

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