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completing heists/heist setups on easy


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there are some heist missions that i feel failing over and over even on normal. i was wondering whether if i complete these on easy, does it count toward the 'all in order' progress and unlocking heist setups/heists later if i am hosting?

spent hours on the trash one yesterday and it feels we keep dying in the same spot and its so time consuming going to that spot again as we have to start from scratch. and in another one i keep getting shot down quickly when trying to steal bikes from bikers (when not hosting)

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You should use a Kuruma (armored) for every setup or finale possible... Make sure you have full armor and snacks on your character and know how to use them quickly in a mission. Use the AP Pistol for shooting from the car as it is much better than the micro smg. Also you can alter your routes to avoid bad guys... go down alleys or off road if needed. Wheelie by pulling back on left stick as it is better and more reliable than the kers... for out running bad guys.


If you are having trouble with Series A .... especially if you are getting shot between leaving the last job and delivering... the trick is you do not have to kill every bad guy (this is true of every stop - you just need to collect the trash, make sure the driver and other player are helping my shooting bad guys and not just sitting in the truck and you do not have to kill every bad guy before moving to the next stop, only kill those you have to) drive as fast as possible to the next stop or final delivery, get the truck as close as possible to the pick up points after triggering the yellow marker and use the drainage canals to avoid the bad guys on the final run to deliver...


I have had no problems with doing all setups and finales on HARD... by doing this on every one... most of these missions would only need 1 or 2 competent players if R* would allow it... Search youtube for videos on tips of how to complete each job... find what works best for you... and good luck.

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thanks..where do i get a Kuruma (armored)? i am only rank 52 and got 1m in the bank.

also when shooting from the vehicle, whats the best control scheme to have as i always am missing my target and its hard to control when moving in a vehicle?

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