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DoJRP(PX) is now Recruiting!

Recommended Posts


DoJRP(PX) is Now Recruiting! (Partnered & Affiliated with DoJRP)

About Us

We are a Professional Police Roleplay Clan/Crew in Grand Theft Auto 5 (V) Xbox ONE & PS4. We do Patrols, Events, and Scenarios on certain days (Currently 3-4 days a week). During these events we try to be serious, realistic, and professional at all times. Remember, we take Quality over Quantity. We have a realistic ranking system and we also have 2 different departments in the DoJRPX. The DoJRPX is the Console Branch of the DoJRP!

DoJRP(PX) Administration Staff

Polecat324 - Director

Ghost - Deputy Director

AR0119 (Andrew) - State Commissioner

Kji42 (Kobey) - Sheriff Commissioner

Our Departments

Los Santos Sheriffs Department (LSSD)

San Andreas State Police Department/Highway Patrol


(Updated 9/12/15)

In order to become a Cadet or even apply to be one at all, you need to meet all of the following requirements below. False Information will result in Immediate and Permanent denial. Communications between the applicant and the DoJRP(PX) will also be blocked!

Must be at least 16 Years of Age - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Must have TeamSpeak 3

Must have the Kik Messenger App (For fast communication)

Must be Mature (Immaturity is NOT tolerated!)

Must be willing to listen to your peers and higher-ups

Must be active in Patrols, Events, Meetings, and DoJRP(PX) itself

Must be at least a Level/Rank 12 in GTA Online (To ensure that the applicant is familiar with the game logic and mechanics)

What type of Events does the DoJRP(PX) do?

(Updated 9/12/15)

The events we host and participate in are:

Serious, Normal, and or Practice Patrols

Joint Patrols (with other clans)

Tactical Response Missions (For Tactical Response Team only)

Emergency Callout Missions

And More!

How do I apply to join the DoJRP(PX) ?

(Updated 9/12/15)

It's easy! Just fill out the following then comment it below! This is application #1, another may follow in the recruitment process.

Gamertag/Player name:

Your Kik Username:

Your Timezone:

Your Console:

Which Department would you like to join?:

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about the DoJRP(PX) or for me, please PM me or comment below!

Social Club Crew Link:

(Social Club Link be implemented soon!)

Platforms we are on:

Xbox ONE

PlayStation 4


Grand Theft Auto 5 (V)


Eastern Standard Time (East US)

Central Standard Time (Central US)

Pacific Standard Time (West US)

Edited by TGAzsassin

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Gamertag/Player name: martin 200045

Your Kik Username: MaRtiND0nnelly

Your Timezone: GMT

Your Console: XBX 1

Which Department would you like to join?: San Andreas State Police Department

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Gamertag/Player name: dan_whiteboy

Your Kik Username: dan_whiteboy

Your Timezone: eastern time zone

Your Console: PS4

Which Department would you like to join?: civilian

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Gamertag/player name: jason181219 Your kik username: jay181219

Your time zone: GMT

your console: ps4

Which department would you like to join: civillian

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Shouldn't this be closed because it has no "Social Club" link?

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Uncle Sikee Atric

I was waiting to see if there was any response to the new applications, since this thread was having a necro moment. But since there's no sign of anyone linked to the group, I will lock this now. They had at least a week to get in contact, but nothing.


If a SC is supplied in due course, I'll reopen this thread later.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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