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Your funniest gaming moments.

Richard Power Colt

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Richard Power Colt

I remember how in RDR we played hide and seek with my friends. Basically we turned off our radars and the goal was for the seeker to find us and kill us, but we limited the weapons which could be used and we had auto-aim turned off so the hidden could have a chance of running away and hiding again. We used to do that a lot and it was a ton of fun. Anyways one time I was hiding in a bush and an NPC came in and pissed on me. Had to kill the guy obviously lol.


Another one was when me and my friend defeated the final boss in Dead Island. We immediately stunlocked the guy with shock which makes enemies vibrate in a silly way and then we just unloaded everything else on him. I think the zombie got knocked off the platform after we hit him with a bunch of blunt weapons while he was stunned and then it was done. It was funny, because we didn't expect to be able to just wreck him in a few seconds. Easiest final boss ever.


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Back in the day when I was playing on the MC server I was on teamspeak with Andrew. I let a sneaky one go and it reverberated through teamspeak for about 15 seconds. After the reverb settled down Andrew was like wtf was that? I replied embarassed you're not going to believe it but I just farted to witch he replied jesus Christ.


That's my funniest gaming moment.

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Scoring 57 on Don't Touch the Spikes whilst drunk after 5 beers and 3 ciders. I use this game to test reaction skills or if I'm capable of driving back home. Surprising how I barely average 30 when I'm sober.

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Sun goes up!, Sun goes down!

Homer Simpson destroys the sun



This didn't happen in my game but it's still funny

TLOU mutated Ellie




I was doing the mission where you have to plant a bomb in the car of the guy who’s eating at St Mark’s Bistro I did that and brought the car back to the Bistro and parked it, when I parked the car it was parked at an angle I decided to straighten the car I got back into the car forgetting there was a bomb in the car, I was wondering why the car blew up and then I remembered oh right there’s a bomb in the car.


GTA Vice City:

I got a one star wanted level and stopped my motorbike in the middle of the street while I looked around the room for the VC guide then I heard a cops voice saying your under arrest I looked at the TV to see Tommy being knocked off his motorbike, that LoveFist mission with the bomb in the car was pretty funny too.




I was in San Fierro outside the garage CJ owns I left the game unpaused and turned my back to the TV 2 minutes later I heard a voice in the room (I was in the room on my own) I looked around the room to see where the voice was coming from before looking at the TV, it was CJ’s voice coming from the TV.


Resident Evil Remake:

I was in the lab near the end of the game I had killed all the zombies and other creatures in the lab and collected the nitro canister, I forgot you weren’t supposed to run with the nitro canister in my inventory I did exactly that and then wondered why there was a massive explosion at first I thought it was a glitch and then I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to run with the nitro canister in my inventory.




Looking up Ashley’s skirt and sometimes succeeding without her noticing.


My best attempt to kill Ashley failed spectacularly I spent a few minutes setting her death up I temporarily put her somewhere safe so she wouldn’t be killed while I was destroying the wooden huts so I would have a clear view of her death then I positioned her under where I thought the massive boulder would land and told her to wait then I shot the piece of wood holding the boulder in place only for the boulder to miss Ashley completely and land right beside her instead of on her.


Crash Team Racing PS1 version

My brother couldn’t beat one of the bosses in a race despite trying 20 times I took the controller from him and did it in one go.

I played against him in split-screen in CTR once and I forgot which character I was playing as , the whole time we were playing in split-screen I was looking at his character instead of mine and I somehow still managed to win even though I wasn’t looking at the character I was playing as.


Final Fantasy 7:

Cloud dressing up as a woman

Tifa and Scarlett slapping each other on top of the Mako cannon in Junon

Barret and his sailor outfit

Cloud saying to a Shinra dog in the Junon submarine dock Shinra dog I’m gonna dognap you


Final Fantasy 8:

I spent a whole day playing Triple Triad to get one card, I was constantly being beaten 10 hours later I got the card I wanted.

It went like this play Triple Triad lose, reset, reload game and try again, I never reset my PS1 so many times before.

Laguna Loire funny and occasionally irritating how he wound up as president of Esthar I’ll never know PS I do know how he became president of Esthar it’s just that he’s not an obvious choice for president.


There is a subtle clue that Laguna is the president of Esthar if you keep an eye on the guy in the silver space suit in the space station control room when Squall takes Rinoa to Esthar the first 9 times I played FF8 I never noticed then the penny dropped when I saw the guy in the silver space suit wave his left arm just like Laguna does I thought it was nothing more than a coincidence the first time I saw it, it was years before I was able to confirm it due to getting stuck on the part where I have to rescue Rinoa when she’s floating in space



Making Raiden slip on seagull droppings and letting that guard pee on him

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GTA San Andreas 2 Player mode, one of us drove around in a vehicle and the other one was standing on the hood and shot people with a shotgun.

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