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Task Sequence

Michael Wojtanis

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Michael Wojtanis

ScriptHookDotNET have poor functions for task - example, GoTo make ALWAYS turn to north, even when You make TurnTo. Found in Natives, there is many parametrs - i want use them, but... There is problem:


GTA.Native.InputArgument myTaskSeq = new InputArgument(typeof(TaskSequence));
GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash.TASK_GO_TO_COORD_ANY_MEANS, somePed, -836.44f, 111.83f, 55.83f, 15, 5, false, 5, 10.0f);
GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash.SET_SEQUENCE_TO_REPEAT,myTaskSeq, true);
GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash.TASK_PERFORM_SEQUENCE,somePed, myTaskSeq);


I use C# of course. There is no any easy &myTaskSeq like in C++ [saw on forum]. Developer of ScriptHookDotNet made a Input and Output Argument [in GTA IV - that was Pointer]. I do not know why this do not want working.
Please, lets fix that problem for everyone in future. Thank You.

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Hey man,
To fix your problem all you gotta do is instead of passing the pedHandle into the functions you want in your sequence, pass a '0'. It makes sense that it works this way if you think about it.

	AI::OPEN_SEQUENCE_TASK(&seq);	AI::TASK_TURN_PED_TO_FACE_ENTITY(0, *drug, 900);	AI::TASK_PLAY_ANIM(0, "pickup_object", "pickup_low", 1, -1, -1, 32, 0, 0, 0, 0);        AI::CLOSE_SEQUENCE_TASK(seq);	AI::TASK_PERFORM_SEQUENCE(PLAYER::PLAYER_PED_ID(), seq);	AI::CLEAR_SEQUENCE_TASK(&seq);
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Michael Wojtanis

You do not get it.

You can use "OPEN_SEQUENCE_TASK". C# - NOT.


GTA.Native.InputArgument myTaskSeq = new InputArgument(typeof(TaskSequence));

ScriptHookDotNet do not know how transform TaskSequence into Object, but this request in Natives.
I cant use command, because can't transform. I do not have source code of ScriptHookDotNetV so i can't even edit this or check what is wrong.

Basicly - how to conver TaskSequence to Native.Input?

Also - C#.

[21:27:02] [ERROR] Caught unhandled exception:System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'GTA.TaskSequence' to native value   w GTA.Native.?A0xf78799bb.ObjectToNative(Object value)
Edited by Michael Wojtanis
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Michael Wojtanis

Still not found problem. C++ is easly to use with &.

Dev of ScriptHookDotNet not allow that. InputArgment make crash.




Working. Luucky gave solution, but i thought this is like in GTA IV - native request a pointer from natives. But no - You do not need input argument. My fault.




unsafe{int lol = 0;GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash.OPEN_SEQUENCE_TASK, &lol);GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash.TASK_TURN_PED_TO_FACE_ENTITY, 0, Game.Player.Character, 1500);GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash.TASK_JUMP, 0, 1);GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash.SET_SEQUENCE_TO_REPEAT, lol, true); // Always after last task.GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash.CLOSE_SEQUENCE_TASK, lol);GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash.TASK_PERFORM_SEQUENCE, somePed, lol);GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash.CLEAR_SEQUENCE_TASK, &lol);}
Edited by Michael Wojtanis
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