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A Thumbs Up to R*


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A couple fo days ago (Thursday 10th Sep - Australian East Coast time) there was a server glitch with R* and the game was not saving. I'd just finished a couple of missions and started to collect a few blue Sentinel's to sell later on. So I wasted about 30 mins of real time finishing these missions and collecting cars still seeing the "Save Failed" messages appearing on screen. I've had that before but after a few mins it would eventually save and all turned out good. Not this time. So I finally left the session feeling a bit annoyed.


Watching the Support Comunity posts adding up and the increasing number of outage reports on DownDetector I thought "f**k it", I'll log a support ticket asking for my money to be reimbursed but honestly not thinking that it would not be entertained. I stated that I'd stolen 4 blue Sentinels each worth $17,400 plus about $20K from missions so I'd like to be repaid approx' $90,000.


Got a response after 1.5 days and they apologised for the server issues and gave me $150,000.


I'm almost a level 500 player with $55M and didn't think that they would treat this with any seriousness. So I'm a little surprised...... and thankful.


Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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I've had something similar happen to me a couple times, but never thought of doing that. I might actually try sending a ticket in the next time the Saving Failed thing shows up.


I sent a support ticket in when the car rebate during the IGG2 event didn't work for me. Rockstar obligingly sent me the rebate a day later. Then, did it again twice, such that I ended up getting it three times.

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