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GTA V on this laptop


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I've never posted anything here in "PC" so probably asking about compatibility in this forum isn't allowed. Mods feel free to delete or move it!

Okay so I have a HP DV7-4285dx with switchable graphics.

CPU: Intel i5 M460 (first gen) 2.53ghz

Video Card: ATI Radeon HD6300M 1024 VRAM

Ram: 6GB



Does it run at the lowest settings? I don't care about graphics that much because I own it for PS4. I just want to play it in my laptop for modding purposes only.


Is it possible to run it with those (downgraded) graphics?


Thanks btw and sorry if this thread isn't allowed.

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I would check with systemlabrequirements.com to get a rough idea of what position you are in. I recommend allowing the site to implement a Java application so it can define your specs OR you can manually submit your specs.

Edited by Linerax
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In my laptop i have a !7 740qm and a 6370m and can run only the simple games , i once tried bf3 (just to see how it would run) and i maneged on the 640x480 and every lowest settings possible around 15-20 fps so i would geuss gta 5 is a no-go on your laptop

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I already tried with Can I run it? (System Requeriments Labs). It says that my PC almost meets the minimum requeriments (red mark in CPU, because it's dual core but its clocked at 2.53ghz). GTA IV works fine at Normal graphics, and considering that it's poorly optimized, GTAV should run better...

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