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Racing was born when the second car was built - here comes the green f


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Hi everyone! I'm pleased to welcome you in my topic, Grand Theft Auto & NASCAR fans. It's time to start your engines, gentlemen!


Don't think that anybody really knows me here so let me introduce myself. I'm Victor Knight, vehicle mod maker with couple years of Vice City converting experience. Today I'm proud to represent my latest project here on GTAForums.

It's 1990 GM Goodwrench Chevy Lumina which was driven by seven-time Winston Cup champion, one of 50 greatest drivers in NASCAR history, legendary Dale Earnhardt!




The model came out outstanding like its real life driver. From all others, besides a qualitative component, it's distinguished by expanded functionality: steering wheel, engine pulleys, and also u-joint are fully operable (exept driving belt of course). I'd like to thank our talented script writer, kenking, for implementing this bold idea.


Smoothly approaching to a technical aspect, I tried to transmit authentic sensations of vehicle's behavior on the road (as the game's engine allows certainly), familiarizing myself with some amount of technical documentation, movies, various videos and broadcast recordings in setup process.


● Also you should know that collision is quite accurately replicates general shape of the body, so pavement edges and road roughnesses are critical obstacles for Lumina.

● Braking force distribution is 32% rear and 68% in front (the most appropriate ratio, if you have some more more relevant information - please let me know).

● Maximum velocity artificially restricted to 149 mph / 238.4 kph. "Full-scale" 200 mph-version was tested also but game's environment won't let you enjoy these settings.

● The total amount of triangular polygons is less than 200k, according to the primordial conception.

● Unfortunately, game engine doesn't provide proper "getting in" anims for these kind of vehicles.




If you'd like to feel yourself as a part of NASCAR history, visit our file archive (This button will help you out).

You may share your thoughts, suggestions or wishes just here or in my primary workshop topic.


I draw your attention to the fact that this vehicle is prohibited from accommodation on any third-party resources, without exceptions and made exclusively for GTA.com.ua.


In conclusion, wishing you all have a great end of the week and weekend. Regards.

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Many of my mods were forbidden to reupload and exclusively for GTA4-mods.com.

They now can all be found on GTA.com.ua.


I figured it's pointless to state such rules as they can not be enforced.


As for the NASCAR mod, looks cool, really fits the Vice City environment.

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Thank you. Can you provide some links to your mods which shouldn't be on GCU? I'll try to figure out about that.
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Thank you. Can you provide some links to your mods which shouldn't be on GCU? I'll try to figure out about that.Sorry, I'm on mobile phone last times, rarely on PC. But since I quit a while ago I don't mind that much anymore. You just take care kf yourself, I appreciate the offer.
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