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Cars Corona Lights


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I searching for delete coronas only from tail lights. In visualsettings.dat (GTA Root\update\update.rpf\common\data) I found some options for head lights, but I can't find options for Tail lights. After some combination, I did not find solutions.


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The McLaren P1 car mod doesn't have coronas in tail lights, then, you can try to search in the mod files and see if it can help you.


Edit: Too, you can try to ask to his owner and see if he can help you.

Edited by lDesterrado
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I need to do this with maybe 20 of 25 modded cars... I am sure here is a option to delete coronas from tail lights. You can easy delete head lights coronas in visualsettings.dat, but I don't see in this file option to change value of tail lights. Meybe this is in another file?

Edited by KatanaDriver
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  • 3 weeks later...

I would also REALLY like to know if it's possible. So far i found all the tail light info almost half way down in visualsettings.dat file with the heading "emissive bits" but no matter what i do, i can't get rid of the coronas :(


It's very surprising there is no simple solution to this or that no one else seems to be bothered by them...I find it horribly distracting and unrealistic.


Here is the original integers of all the vehicle lights, but nothing seems to effect the corona.

# emissive bitscar.headlight.day.emissive.on    10.00car.headlight.night.emissive.on    10.00car.headlight.day.emissive.off    0.05car.headlight.night.emissive.off    0.001car.taillight.day.emissive.on    25.0car.taillight.night.emissive.on    25.0car.taillight.day.emissive.off    0.30car.taillight.night.emissive.off    0.003car.indicator.day.emissive.on    10.00car.indicator.night.emissive.on    10.00car.indicator.day.emissive.off    0.30car.indicator.night.emissive.off    0.003car.reversinglight.day.emissive.on    20.00car.reversinglight.night.emissive.on    3.00car.reversinglight.day.emissive.off    0.10car.reversinglight.night.emissive.off    0.003car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on    1.50car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on    1.50car.defaultlight.day.emissive.off    0.05car.defaultlight.night.emissive.off    0.003car.brakelight.day.emissive.on    30.00car.brakelight.night.emissive.on    30.00car.brakelight.day.emissive.off    0.30car.brakelight.night.emissive.off    0.003car.middlebrakelight.day.emissive.on    30.00car.middlebrakelight.night.emissive.on    30.00car.middlebrakelight.day.emissive.off    0.30car.middlebrakelight.night.emissive.off    0.003car.extralight.day.emissive.on    9.00car.extralight.night.emissive.on    9.00car.extralight.day.emissive.off    0.001car.extralight.night.emissive.off    0.05car.emissiveMultiplier 2.00
Edited by VisualParadox
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Its in Ymt file which requires a special tool,only OpenIV is capable of doing this.

Edited by Cyberzone2
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Check carvariations.meta in modded cars to remove unneccessary coronas. Editing them for vanilla cars is not possible yet.


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  • 3 weeks later...

i found a way to fix taillight coronas for modded cars without deleting anything in "lights" section (e.g. if you delete the section headlights doesn't work) by setting "numCoronas" value to 0 in carcols.meta files.

E.g. for the one for T20/McLaren P1 (located in update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpluxe2\common\data\), go to the "lights" section (bottom part):



<id value="93" /> (VEHICLE LIGHTS SECTION FOR T20)




<size value="0.200000" />

<size_far value="5.300000" />

<intensity value="4.000000" />

<intensity_far value="1.000000" />

<color value="0xFFFF1E05" />

<numCoronas value="5" /> <------------- CHANGE THIS VALUE TO 0

<distBetweenCoronas value="12" />

<distBetweenCoronas_far value="1" />

<xRotation value="0.000000" />

<yRotation value="0.000000" />

<zRotation value="5.667000" />

<zBias value="0.250000" />

<pullCoronaIn value="false" />




<name>t20</name> (END OF LIGHTS SECTION FOR T20)





Find light sections for vehicles you want to fix by searching carcols.meta files. They are located in:




search for vehicle name (if present) under <Lights> section (e.g. <name>T20</name>) and change the value to 0 as described above.

Unfortunately, light section includes just a limited number of vehicles. Trying to add sections for cars without light parameters simply doesn't work. I've tried, for example, to add a light section for coquette3 (located in the same carcols.meta file) adjusting the id value number by the one from carvariations.meta. No effect. At this point i don't know if there's another way, maybe it's just a waste of time...

p.s. excuse my english

Edited by Yoda4P
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  • 1 month later...


i found a way to fix taillight coronas for modded cars without deleting anything in "lights" section (e.g. if you delete the section headlights doesn't work) by setting "numCoronas" value to 0 in carcols.meta files.



Thank you for that! If only that applied to the vanilla cars as well :(

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  • 1 month later...

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