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Looking For A Crew For Heists! No RageQuiters Ps4 only


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So me and my friends are going to start doing heists their Gamertags are: JetDevaras,fordy_mc123 and Me Cxssaswese

We are currently looking for one more member to join us on our journey to complete each heist. All of you guys will be given a 20% Cut so no fighting on who is favourite.


Requirements: MUST have a Microphone,Rank 50 Above,Must Be Cooperative,No age Requirement Just Dont be a Douchebag,And Finally must be Kind to the crew.


After all of this you may choose to stay with us and do some random GTA Online things or you can simply forget us. But what we really need is one member that is willing to do all 6 heists. Or atleast do one heist with us. :)


My Gamertag: Cxssaswese

My Skype: Dainyl.Rouche

My Rank: 87

Most Used Vehicle For Heists: Armored Kuruma

My Heist Gear: Utility Vest,Heist Pants And Bullet Proof helmet

Message me on My gamertag or Skype me. I prefer msg me on psn because skype can get buggy. :) and i would most likely see you when you send a message on PSN :) Thanks For Your Time And I Look Forward For Youre Cooperation :)

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Hold on...


'Join us on our journey to complete each heist'


... So that mean you haven't done them yet then ?

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I wont be on for several hours but if you need a hand and I'm available when your around then sure I'll help out.

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Hey I'm down for any heist/setup whenever you need.


PSN: Rodrich266


Level 261 playing since day one, using mic and I have the ps app on my phone so just message me whenever cause I can read the message regardless of being on my ps4 or not. Can also pay for setups if anyone wants to wait for the cooldown timer

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