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[V|WIP] Grotti Turismo Classic


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Remodeled original GTA San Andreas Turismo



Also don't take the poly count too seriously, I have to optimize it.


Also note, I still have to work on details such ad badges, grills, and other things I will think about, also Interiors and many other things to make it fit GTA V style.


Since I don't have any experience on exporting on GTA V, any help will be appreciated when the model is done.






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This looks awesome. Will this be an addon like the Grotti Cheetah Classic? I hope so because I prefer to keep the original cars.

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Good work :)

im wait the download, okey not just kidding. :v Good car.

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  • 1 year later...

goood work ! waiting for it to be finished !!


this video shows it does exist for GTA IV ... maybe you could only convert the files or ask the original authoer to convert them
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Dude it's been a year already. I don't think this'll be finish :cry:

yeaah yeaahh I know..I kinda have a weird comeback to my head with these old GTA Cars... and want to have a couple of them... (if I had the damn hardware to support it then I'll be rocking IVPack for GTA V... but I can't..) the only thing that is working in the IVPack for me / that does NOT crash the game, is the gameconfig file... that allow me to add cars since I tried all others on GTA5Mods and they all crash my game.. right now I have a V8 swapped drift Chavos (messed a bit with its handling file and vehicle.meta) the CLASSIC Cheetah from here (which I finally managed to install successfully) the 2 classic Patriot (standard and military version) a Sultan RS that looks like a van a Contender in Trophy Truck version an Warenner UTE and a modified version of the Titan that shoot missiles, minigun and that can land on water... all these as addons.. I want more classics... like IDK... an HD version of the old ZR350 by example would be cool to have the RX-7 based car back in V along with the Flash which is I think based on a VW Golf

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