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The Hero

Recommended Posts

I don't believe you. You don't have the dual pass, you have the ugly sniper dot (which there isn't even an ini switch for) and sniper trails aren't working...sounds like skygfx isn't loaded.

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This second version is working flawlessly! Thanks for it.



Slightly off topic, I discovered another VC weirdness. If you happen to have a lot of partitions, VC doesn't work on certain drive letters, it's always asks for the CD. Try to set a A:\ partition and see for yourself...

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Yes I am, or at least it's in VC_root/scripts folder

edit: Oh it works only in root folder.

I have the same problem with Ultimate ASI Loader but with SilentPatchVC.asi and Vice City Trails by Silent, the trails script is running but I need activate it everytime I restart the game but SilentPatch is not running for nothing in the world, lol. Otherwise I running skygfx from the scripts folder and runs flawless.

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Should be fixed now. I also integrated Silent's trails mod that enables the options in the menu.

Could you please set this option to enabled by default? Still need to use external asi for this, without it we have to manually enable trails every time the game launched.

Edited by Marsi4eg
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From scripts folder. Am I right that the plugin loads before everything else and option being disabled by set file or something? And from root or mss it will be loaded after all that?



moved it to mss (I don't like littered root) and it's enabled for now, thank you again

Edited by Marsi4eg
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Fixed sharptrails: https://www.sendspace.com/file/nxdv5x

- Use from whatever folder you like, scripts/plugins/modloader/etc(doesn't work from root/mss though).

- Fixed saving/loading trails flag to/from set file.

- Removed blurred things that appeared on screen with trails enabled.


Since Silent's vctrails.asi remains broken, I also added ability to activate default trails, just rename the plugin to anything that doesn't contain "sharp" in it.

Edited by ThirteenAG
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Now that Sharptrails and Trails are one mod, I'll ask again. There's a problem with the droplets with Trails that Sharptrails doesn't have.









Maybe the problem isn't that noticeable on Trails's pic, but when playing it becomes obvious.

It's even more noticeable during lightning.









That's the only thing wrong with Trails. This problem was definitely not on PS2.

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The latest asi, blur seems to be present with trails...


EDIT - Rule of life 142: As soon as you call tech support, you discover the problem for yourself. I just needed to set UseD3D8to9=1 in the ultimate asi loader ini file

Edited by El Dorado
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  • 4 months later...

Sorry for the bump but does anyone know how to make it so then it enables the trails option by default? It's annoying to have to go into the display menu every time I turn on the game.

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  • 1 month later...

Updated. Hardcoded blur colors (as used by the intro) should be working in III now.

EDIT: typical, had a wrong asi in there for a minute. I hope nobody noticed.

Edited by The Hero
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  • 1 month later...

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