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Having One Giant Complaints Thread is Dumb


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Dumping all the complaints into one giant "bitch and moan" thread that no one will ever read is annoying.

I've had posts flagged or refused because they were negative and not posted in the "bitch and moan" thread to disappear forever.

What a dumb way for Rockstar to try and make it look like people are not up in arms with GTAOnline issues. Please grow up, be adults, and let each topic be... well, its own topic!

The thread in question is 500 pages long ha ha ha. It's absurd. Ain't nobody reading that crap.

I want to post topics under their own topic. Stop try to jerry-rig the forums please.


Thank you!

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"Joined 2 hours ago"


Rockstar don't run these forums. Funny, you are bitching and moaning about bitching and moaning.

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I want to post topics under their own topic. Stop try to jerry-rig the forums please.



Your thread was locked because you had already posted here and in the Wishlist Thread. Posting the same thing repeatedly is spam and against the Forum Rules.
Please don't come here and tell us how to run our forum. Everybody here abides by our rules and guidelines. You are no different.
This is a privately owned GTA Fan Forum. We have no connection to or influence over Rockstar Games.
If you wish to abide by our rules please feel free to contribute to the community. If you are only here to troll, spam and complain, you will not be made welcome.
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