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I have ideas for a Realism Mod (I am not a developer!)


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I feel as if GTA V could be way more realistic. I feel (and others are free to add on this list) that GTA V would be WAY better if a mod included these simple tweaks/add-ons:


-Peds scatter when you pull a gun/weapon out (That are at a close distance from you)

-Peds no longer just drive away when you crash into their car

-Traffic laws

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Any other mods? Or mod ideas? I still feel like the whole vehicle collision and peds driving away is a little too unrealistic. I think CPRE is pretty realistic as far as crimes go, still is getting updated through GTA Realism Mod.

I seriously feel that GTA V would be 100 times better if there were more realistic traffic laws, etc. I also believe that GTA IV didn't require as much modding as GTA V, but GTA V has POTENTIAL! I just believe that there should be one mod to download instead of a user combining all sorts of different mods to get the feel they want out of GTA V.

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