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Property Missions inactive, trophies not popping. Any fix?


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What's up.

I'm currently trophy hunting GTA V for PS4, I've completed the game to 100% and have completed all additional collectables for the trophies.

But, when playing single player, I don't get any property mission calls. Whilst I don't mind this as I probably would decline them anyway (probably where I went wrong) I still need to complete the downtown cab co mission for Franklin, in which he needs to complete a private fare (All's fare in love and war). Is there any support offered on Rockstar's support site for the issue, or are there any proven ways by fans to fix this issue, to trigger the property missions, specifically the cab mission?

  • I've tried playing Online for a bit and switching back.
  • I've tried disconnecting my internet whilst online.
  • I've tried going back in time by replaying a mission to try and get it to trigger.
  • I've tried doing normal cab fairs for ages to try and trigger the call.

None of them seem to work. I'm stuck with a quite empty end-game. Anybody got any different solutions?

Also, I need the trophy for the spaceship parts, I have autosave on which saved after I collected them all, but the trophy didn't pop. Is there anyway to get this pop, or is my own action to start a new game and work my way to collecting them all again. I don't mind doing that in the scope of things as it didn't affect my 100% trophy, but I'm just wondering if there's an easier and quicker way to get the trophy to pop.

Thanks in advanced for anybody willing to help..

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See problem #15--- this should work on Cosoles too as the person that wrote it said they used it on PS4 as well.... you must have at least one property available for purchase for this to work...






I have also read of creating a new online character, going through the tutorial/race with it and then exiting back to single player to help a "stuck" game as well..


You can also try saving in a new slot, exiting the game, restarting the game so the new slot loads, go into GTAO for a few minutes and then leaving GTAO back to single player (franklin)--- and then killing yourself... (this worked for my stuck game)...


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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