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GTA IV on windows 10, installs but stuck at activation.


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I'm new here and would like some advice.


I've recently updated with a clean install of Windows 10, whatever I do I simply cannot get my genuine bought version of GTA IV to get past activation. I'm not a computer newb and had to play around with various settings etc. to get the game to work on Windows 7 and to not restrict my humongous video card.


So, it worked fine on Windows 7 (after two hours of farting about), After a completely fresh OS install I have now tried installing the game twice, reset the security code check online (unactivated), tried manual activation which seems like it works and accepts the code (says 'activation successful') but simply will not activate.


Before I throw this unacceptably buggy piece of crap security software out of the window has anyone got any suggestions, I'm willing to try anything now.


There must be a work around to this stupid activation that doesn't work even though I have a genuine copy!


I should add I have the game set to run under 'compatability mode' and '-norestrictions', I had problems with activation on windows 7 as well but it started working in the end.

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I have tried all of that securom stuff on that site, it didn't work.


I have heard of changing the date.. does that work then? Do I have to permanently have the wrong date or just during activation?


Thanks for your replies.

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Here is what i did on Windows 10 Pro, it is working.


Install GTA IV from DISC using Compatibility mode Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or 2.


After the installation, go to Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTA IV and run GTAIVLauncher.exe (or something similar to that including Launcher).


DO NOT run this in any compatibility mode. The online activation will fail, choose offline activation"1" and get the steps done what the website you will get redirect to tells you "2".


After that, your game should crash saying FATAL ERROR WS10, download latest GfWL client from xbox.com, before that remove the old coming with the game setup.


Download latest patch and install it.


Done that, run GTAIVLauncher.exe again (NOT IN COMPATIBILITY MODE) and the game will start, very quick GfWL will want you to sign in inside the game.


Once signed in, GfWL will update, let it get that done, after that, you will run the game fine.


NOTE: Do all that using Administration Rights.


1: If the "Manual Activation" button is not working on SecuROM, skip the activation progress on the website, download the program "3", run it, done.

2: https://support.securom.com/rockstarunlock/GTA_IV/index.php?c=offline follow this for the offline activation process.

3: The program i mean here is the following: http://download.securom.com/support/gta4/GTAIVPC_OfflineInstaller.zip unpack it and put the .exe on your desktop, run it from there, activation should be successful.


P.S.: The Manual Activation button will only not work if you did not un-activate the game at the last un-installation. Follow the activation website above to make a 100% successful activation.

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