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Looking for Pißwasser can pictures


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No, NOT the "golden shower" variety.


I'm making my own Pißwasser beer hat and I need some photos of CANS of the beer from the game to create my own labels for. It looks like a simple yellow can with the "diamond" style logo, but is there anything on the back of the can or any other details not visible on old-gen or on the hat's cans that other in-game cans may show. I've tried looking in some of the stores and bars, but I figured other people on the board may know of some locations I haven't tried or can take and post high-quality pictures.

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You can try photographing the cans on the beer hat. Don't think I've ever seen the can not attached to that.

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I took a bunch of still-images and got relative measurements from those, Found some high-res images of the various logo designs, cleaned those up and created a standard-12oz. can sleeve:


I have a blue "beer hat" I found in a store for $5 and I'm just waiting for the stickers I ordered for the hat to arrive (darn that white ink I can't print at home!). Need to find the right can that has white or silver on the tapered end of the top, so I'll probably use a Diet Coke can, or just paint one.

My Halloween costume progresses....

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