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Dual Wielding


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Ok, so I mentioned this a few months ago in a post I made about a concept weapon for GTA, but never really said much about it. Anyway, I sent an email to Rockstar regarding the idea. I tried to be as detailed as possible.


Hi, Rockstar


I am sending you an idea for Grand Theft Auto V and Online that involves the use of two weapons simultaneously.


How it would work (using PS4 controller with default settings for references):


L2 will still be the aiming trigger and R2 the firing trigger. Unfortunately it won't possible to fire two weapons independently due to the control layout. So, R2 will fire both weapons equipped sequencially, excluding automatic weapons which in this case, will fire simultaneously.


Weapons that can be dual wielded and how they are fired:


- Pistol: fired sequencially

- Combat Pistol: fired sequencially

- Pistol. 50: fired sequencially

- AP Pistol: fired simultaneously

- Heavy Pistol: fired sequencially

- Micro SMG: fired simultaneously

- MG: fired simultaneously

- Combat MG: fired simultaneously

- Sawn-Off Shotgun: fired sequencially


In order to dual wield a weapon, "x" weapon must be purchased again at Ammunation for the same price as the original weapon. Hovering over a weapon that can be dual wielded will have an additional menu called "Secondary Weapon". This will then contain a sub-menu with customization options (flashlights, clips, tints, etc).


Once a Secondary Weapon has been purchased, it will be added to the weapon wheel but will not be visible unless the player hovers over "x" weapon he/she bought the Secondary Weapon for. It will appear next to/below (depending on the position of the wheel) when the primary weapon is highlighted. Dual wielding can be toggled on or off by pressing the down button on the directional pad when "x" weapon is highlighted.


Dual Wielding will increase fire rate, however, with decreased accuracy. Also, for obvious reasons, ammunition will be spent more rapidly and reload times will be increased. The ability to throw Grenades, Sticky Bombs, Tear Gas, Molotovs and Proximity Mines will be disabled while dual wielding. Dual wielding will not be available while in a vehicle. On the positive side, more damage will be inflicted in less time than usual.


When a player is dual wielding and is taking cover, the player will either use the left hand or right hand when blind firing depending on the direction the player is facing. Unfortunately due to the MG and Combat MG's recoil and weight, they can not be dual wielded while in cover. If a player takes cover while dual wielding MG's or Combat MG's, they automatically revert to holding only one. The player is also unable to combat roll while dual wielding MG's and Combat MG's due to weight. When dual wielding MG's and Combat MG's, they can only be fired from the hip, regardless if a scope is equipped.


Thats pretty much all I have to say, thank you for your time.


All the best,



So, simple question for you guys. Would you like dual wielding to make it into GTA V and Online? I would have made a poll, but I'm using my phone. (If the mods could add a simple yes or no poll, that'd be great) :)

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Not possible, console limitations, too many guns being rendered at once.


All jokes aside, I would like to see at least akimbo pistols and to be fair I don't know why they aren't in already.

Edited by Daequil
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Don Z McHenry

Dual wielding is an okay idea, but I don't really care if such a thing is added or not. I am fine with having one weapon.

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We already have a topic (with a poll) for this: http://gtaforums.com/topic/775635-dual-wielding/


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