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Keyboard going f mad while V playing


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Hey, guys I've got very f*cking big problem... I had WIn 8 and Tried 10 than I came back to 8 But my V game going mad ... All the f*cking time game minimalize and while press w s a d r g ctrl etc. starts keyshortcuts as file checker, news, and other win fuctions. I tried 4 different keybords, upadate reinstall drivers, check PC for virus at 3 diff. best programs. Use defragmention, try 5 other programs ... still going mad, I don't know why ... also tried came back to win 10, only different menus changes. Can turn off that bullsh*t by press WIN+ ALT but after some time keyshortcuts starts again. Also my keybindigs at simple native trainers are active so when I move in menu by ''4'' key, slower time when aiming turn on, etc ....

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I'll bet you have a virus in a usb driver. This kind of sh*t has been popping up in forums since august. Low battery level on wireless kb's or bad usb connections also cause havoc. Have you tried a ps2 keyboard?

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Thanks for answer ... but, I've got 4th keybord while this is first wireless. I don't know what is ps2 keyboard i gues I don't own any. That usb can be solution but how to repair it, and why no antivir find anything?

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1. Ps2 keyboard/mouse ports are included and supported as legacy hardware devices on virtually all motherboards. They do not use USB.

2. In device manager - Uninstall the old driver. Let windows install a new driver.

3. Antiviral utilities won't work on a driver that has already been installed.

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Tried reinstal drivers ... going to sh*t anyway. USB for keyboard seems fine, I have wireless keyboard. Really don't know now, even can't forum on net, or people with same problem.

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