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Things i want for gta vi


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Don't y'all think it will be better if we could make our own character(s) for gta vi?. Make your character look like you?.

Also buildings and houses more acssessible, teen agers, more dogs in the streets so we can see some dog fights idk.. i wish they could make all houses acssessable to rob. I want to enter a random house and shoot somebody while they're taking a sh*t in private peace lol hmm or even in the shower or having sex lmao it would be cool. Also skateboards,and more night clubs,and more offroad vehicles and make offroad more realistic so we can feel when them wheels are passing and smaching rocks on the road,more hair styles and clothing and better weapons. If i mentioned something we already have in gta v just know i'm not talking about online play. Only single player wish list. Also i'd like if they let us have a job and family idk if that could be possible though and get to interact more with random people in the streets of the city ,connect and communicate and choose any girl you want. What y'all think? comment your ideas for the next gta game! I respect everybody elses ideas and comments please don't be rude or aggressive if you have something negative to say please keep it to yourself and ignore REMEMBER NOT ALL OF US THINK THE SAME. (every head is a different world) comment!!

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