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9th slot in the phone - Quick App | Discumssion


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So far the phone has 8 options (9 when using Trackify during Pacific Standart - Vans). How about a 9th one that is a shortcut for your favorite Lester ability or Pegasus vehicle?


It would work like this.


Quick App:

- Lester > Lose Wanted Level

- Merryweather > Pickup Helicopter



- Mechanic > Murrieta Heights (2nd property) > Bati 801 (8th slot)

- Pegasus > Savage


...you get the idea. No, it wouldn't make useless calling the Contacts since you could only have one shortcut and it would actually make the phone a bit more useful and customizable. During missions it's annoying to scroll through the Pegasus list just to get certain vehicle or some other times when you want to get rid of the cops with Lester's ability you can f*ck it up and/or crashing for looking at the phote and you get killed in Paleto Bay.


Stuff like that happens and considering there's a empty slot on the phone... why not?


Thoughts? What ability would you set? :)

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I would add Quick Re-Dial with a list of previously selected services.


As our characters seem to 'talk' with Lester in fashion of Sphinx from new "gone in 60 seconds" by dialing numbers, this would be appropriate.

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U might b onto something. Why not expand the phone to 12 spots. That way u have room for trackify, and 3 shortcuts. My 3 would be mechanic>insurgent, pegasus>savage, and lester>remove wanted level. Another good one would be merryweather>airstrike.

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The 9th slot is for situational apps like Trackify. If you want a 10th app slot they'd need to expand the phone.

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Discumssion....that can not be right

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I'd probably go for Mors Mutual - Claim all. That would be most useful to me, I think.



The 9th slot is for situational apps like Trackify. If you want a 10th app slot they'd need to expand the phone.


I think the idea is to say what you'd *like* it to be, not try and decide whether or not it's gonna happen. Besides, I don't know about you but my phone (IRL) scrolls.

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How about we get multiple new apps and use the trigger buttons to slide the phone from home screen to other screens. Or use the handy touch pad on the PS4 controller to slide the phone screen to different pages.


An app to find the closest place to buy snacks/food or ammo would have been nice in the beginning. Apps could replace some of the stuff in the interaction menu and make the phone more useful, like an app that calls for you car.


Or an app that when the camera is pointed at a car it would tell you the insurance costs.

Edited by Feurian42
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I have always thought this app could be used in conjuction with a hydraulics update. You could set it so you can buy as many neon colours as you like, and set them for each side indivially and swap them out through the app. And likewise you should be able to adjust front/back ride height if hydraulics get enabled or slam it or raise it and keep it locked like that for driving.

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a button to spam the mechanic again whenever you want woud be nice

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the 9th slot was supposed to be a radio so u can play music while on foot but got scrapped....(another dumb decision by r*)

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+1 on this; the idea of at least one fast-response button is very practical, IMO.


Could easily be customizable via the "Settings" or "Options" menus.


I would probably set it for "Remove wanted level".

Edited by DentureDynamite
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