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Reaper Justice MC - "one of the most loyal and deadly MC's&#34

Boo Deez 614

Recommended Posts

"Reaper Justice MC (Xbox 360) is quickly gaining traction as one of the most loyal and deadly MC's to hit Los Santos in years." - LSPD Commander Ben Dover


With the roster of officers filled out, they are looking to grow membership faster than ever.


Are you looking for a crew? Do you enjoy playing as a team, having others back and enjoying the GTA world with a brotherhood of guys who will fight until their last breath with you?

If this is you, keep reading!


We are running an open enrollment session for the first 2 weeks. Come ride with us, hang at the clubhouse, play games, generally f*ck up everything that moves and isn't labeled GRIM. If you like what you see, join.


Our bylaws are straight forward and to the point. Every one of us has a say in how the club is run. All members will be able to present ideas for growth and ideas for fun.


There is currently no prospecting or applications, just sign up and ride today!




1.) You must own two (2) American cruisers, in the event one is destroyed. These include Daemon, Sovereign, Bagger, Hexer, Innovation. You must also own a 4-Door car/truck painted RED&BLACK with the crew emblem on it.


2.) All members must respect one another. No rules exist regarding language, it is GTA after all. However, any racist or hateful conduct will NOT be tolerated and will result in that member losing his patch. No vote will be necessary.


3.) In PUBLIC LOBBY FREE MODE, killing of another member will result in disciplinary action. We would prefer your aim to be set on attackers or use free aim. Accidental killings are understandable, but if it becones repetitive, you will be repremanded. In INVITE ONLY FREE MODE, members may fight it out, so long as it does not affect another player. If you are asked by a member to leave him be in an INVITE ONLY LOBBY, do so immediately or you may be subject to disciplinary action. If the invite only lobby is for Chapel, no killing will be done until the highest ranking member in lobby authorizes it.


4.) Killing members of an allied club is no different than killing a brother. If it happens, you may be subject to disciplinary action by our Sgt. At Arms or even the other crew.

4a.) ALLIES - Gun Squad Money Gang (GSMG) Led by OGVerde and FreeMasonMilitaryCo led by LunarKnight.

You may be invited to play with members of these crews, even the leaders. You will ride with them as if they were your own crew. Any misbehaviour or pissing off allies is forbidden and will be subject to disciplinary action by the Sgt. At Arms.


5.) As mentioned, every member has a say in club progression. No idea is bad! Any ideas should be presented to the President and Vice President and will be voted on by the club. If you are interested in leadership, you must be active within the crew events and meetings. Anyone missing 3 "Chapels" will be talked to and could have their membership put to vote.


6.) You must wear your patch at all times. It can be on a Tshirt, Hoodie, or Leather Jacket, but must be shown. Leather jackets with emblems will be required for Chapel, Rides and Bike/Car shows. If playing with members of our allied crews, please have your kutte on.


7.) WE DO NOT ACCEPT MODDERS OR CHEATERS. The excetion is playing WITH a modder for money drops. No GodMode. Your rocker will be pulled immediately if you are caught cheating.


8) WE DO NOT GO INTO PASSIVE, WE DO NOT TOLERATE IT. The only time you may go into passive is if you are told to, or you are getting hit with Jets and Tanks. We'd rather you leave the lobby than go into passive.


9.). All members must ride in formation. Formation is as follows: Pres, VP, Road Captains then everyone else. If we are riding with multiple crews, the pres and vp of each club will be up front, with everyone else falling in behind them. No exceptions will be made. Anyone not following formation will be reprimanded by the Road Captain of that ride. If we have a larger ride, we will ride in two rows following formation.


10.) Chapel/Court/Church is our most important meeting. We will hold Chapel once per week consisting of the officers. Anyone invited to Chapel/Court/Church each week will have a voting interest. Most Chapels will consist of the officers only, however, our initial meetings will consist of any patched members who are online. If you're invited to this meeting, take it seriously.


In summary, we are a bad ass crew of brothers who will ride together and die for eachother. We have fun with all aspects of GTA and joining our crew gives you active members to enjoy the game with.


Need help with your heists? Aks a brother.

Want to race? Ask a brother.

Getting killed by jerks and need help? Ask a brother.


Please find us on Social club here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/reaper_justice


Also, if joining, request membership to our FB group here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/994987920566254?ref=bookmarks


Looking forward to seeing you on our next ride!


Your President,

Pete aka Blo Deez 614

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