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Disappointment in GTA V and next location

kooba thug

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Hey, i wanted to know if anyone else was disappointed with GTA V. I completed it 100% and after 3 months i got bored of it. I have never been hyped for a game like i was with GTA V and probably will never be hyped for a game again. I don't know exactly what was missing from GTAV.. I spent more time playing GTA 4 even if GTA V has thousands of more things to do. Maybe the mix of 3 characters ruined the story.



I still play San Andreas from time to time, if only they remade that game with better graphics and gta 4 physics.. And this reminded me of a few things about GTA V , the cheats suck , there isn't even a tank cheat, there are some vehicle cheats that don't work if your in the city like spawning a helicopter.. no army at 6 stars.. And the cops can kill you way too easily. It's like they don't want you to have fun and go on a rampage anymore like in previous games..


Anyways, i also wanted to know where you think the next gta might be . I think going back to Vice City could be cool ( if done right) and i was thinking about London or maybe a Mini Europe? Maybe a London-Paris Map ?

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I was, so was half of this forum.


I don't exactly know what made me feel this way, but I'm sure the story plays a huge part.

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American Viking

"Hey, I wanted to know if anyone else was disappointed with GTA V?" Your opening sentence tells me that you must not hang out in this section much. Let me tell you partner...every other day there's a topic here bashing or criticizing GTA V and for damn good reason. I, like you and so many others, was extremely hyped for the game only to be let down completely. I equate it to drinking 5 Red Bulls and then feeling the crash afterwards. GTA V may have more things to do, but all the fancy paint in the world can't fix what's broken underneath, this case being the story, the characters, and the game mechanics. GTA IV gets the love 'round these parts because it's an incredible game with a compelling storyline and believable characters. It's not the definition of hyperbole as is GTA V.

As for San Andreas, a remake could be cool but I think it's best they keep moving forward. No need to dig up old bones. Finally, I think the next GTA will probably be Vice City but I'm cool with anyplace other than San Andreas again...

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The Dedito Gae

I like how the first part of the OP is not related at all the second part at all.

We also have this thread pinned on top of the page


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