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Please recommend some mods.


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OK, i am bored to tears with single player. And i would rather not play at all then to play online. If i wanted to waste 5 hours a day doing not a dang thing i can think of much better ways of doing that then GTA online.

I am I have looked over looking for mods that are essentially expansions to the game. Not just a mod that adds 50 taxi missions. Or 50, hey go kill these guys and earn 50 grand. Actual substance worth playing that will extend my playing hours.

Looking over what i have seen so far i have seen a bunch of mods that add X amount of Y missions, trucking taxi ambulance. Yawn.

Or missions that want me to clear out and kill a group of humans. Then that again. and again. and again. Yawn.

Or hit man missions where you can essentially drive around run over the people you are to hit rack up 4 stars and earn about 5 grand. Yawn.

Am i missing anything? Oh yes, heists missions. Half of those are so buggy there not even worth downloading the other half the pay isint even worth the issue and even if you did get one that fit the bill, you would ether only do the heist once or the same thing over and over again.

I cant stand going through single player story line AGAIN. ive done it 5 times in the past 3 ish months and i dont plan on doing it again for atleast 6 months.

So can anyone offer up a mod that i can install that adds content to the end of the game?

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The Dedito Gae



Edited by Midnight Hitman
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I like the "Open All Interiors and Go to North Yankton mod you can spend hours just poking around all of the open interiors with the mod.

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